“Girls Night”

When my eldest child was twelve years old, we had a busy house with three younger siblings, and two more girls we minded by day. I began to feel my eldest was missing out on time with me. It was impractical to plan for special days out together, as I would probably not follow through. … More “Girls Night”

I Am Free.

This morning my son stood before me, towering above me, and just for a moment I saw him as others do. A tall, sallow, boy of eighteen, almost a man, with a mop of brown hair and a huge smile. I rarely see this boy. When I look at him I see a happy, smiling … More I Am Free.

Going Home!

Tomorrow I will pack my two youngest, into the car, and we will drive off to Dublin, to stay with my mum for a few days. Even though I left Dublin, over twenty five years ago, to live 200km away in Cork, with my husband and subsequent children, I still say when I head to … More Going Home!