Remembering you.

You have been gone now for over half my life,
and yet there is rarely a day goes by without me thinking of you.

Sometimes it is to remember something you said,photo credit: Jocey K via photopin cc
or to imagine what you would think of a situation.

Sometimes it is to remember days gone by,
when as a child you were all a Dad should be.

Sometimes it is when I advise my own children,
and I remember it was you who first gave me that advice, many moons ago.

Sometimes it is when I find myself singing ‘The green glens of Antrim’,
and in my minds eye I hear your voice.

Sometimes it is when I look at my children with their Dad,
and I envy them his love.

Sometimes it is for no particular reason,
just the girl in me missing her Dad.

But today I remember you on your birthday.
Happy Birthday Dad, where ever you are.


My Dad died twenty six years ago of motor neurone disease. Before he became ill he regularly bought me freesia for no particular reason, except that ย I loved them. Today my mom put some freesia on his grave from me and here I get to give him another little bunch, and a virtual kiss and a hug. xo

photo credit: Jocey K via photopin cc

27 thoughts on “Remembering you.

  1. Happy Dad’s birthday Tric. I hope this ice water bucket challenge continues to raise the incredible amount of money it has in the past couple of weeks. So someday this horrible disease can be eradicated, prevented, cured. How interesting that I wrote about that on your dad’s birthday. If you are my cosmic twin, he must be chatting it up with my father on this special day.

    1. I read your post earlier today and the same thought occurred to me, my cosmic twin.
      I hope your dad is enjoying time with my Irish dad. Thanks for doing that challenge the photos made me smile!

      1. I wish I could have put the video up. It’s quite funny and my neighbor is nicknamed “Hercules” by my kids. He was a sport. And so was my husband for calling him over to help. Good husband I have. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Our dads are surely up there chatting away. Maybe my dad is even picking up some of that lovely Irish lilt from your dad. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Don. You excelled yourself tonight with that post. Wont be able to sleep with jealousy, even shared it on facebook so you’ll be famous when you come visit Ireland!

  2. I’m sure your Dad has a heart full of pride & love for you wherever he is. What a wonderful tribute to him. Dad’s are so precious whether here or heaven xx

  3. Thanks a million. Life without our Dads is always going to be lonely. I’m sorry you are in the same boat. It’s not easy, and yes MND is a dreadful disease. His was such a cruel death, especially as it was the slow death of his body and not mind. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

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