Am I The Worst Mother Ever?

I am back!
After a few days away visiting my mum,small__6241041012
I have returned to my own family.
Sadly within hours I have managed to mess up!

In my absence my husband and son had managed well.
My husband had made two dinners,
beef stroganoff and chicken curry.
They had stroganoff day one,
they had curry day two,
and then on day three,
they had what they tell me was a duo.
Stroganoff and curry together!

So to make up for my time away,
I did what most mothers do.
I began to cook a dinner,
clean up,
and tackle the laundry.

Nothing too dreadful about that you say.
And you are right,
I had the best of intentions.

I cooked a lovely dinner,
and gathered all the washing I could find.
I was busy as can be.

Then I headed to work.
Thank God for work.small_535793860
Because whilst I was there,
my eighteen year old son,
discovered I had washed his TaeKwonDo uniform.

He made this discovery,
minutes before it was time for him to go,
for his two hour lesson.
No time to dry it!

He roared, and shouted,
used every expletive he knows,
and more than my husband did.
He then put on his soaking wet uniform,
and left,
slamming the door behind him!

So as I type,
my son is fighting,
in a soaking wet TaeKwonDo uniform,
smelling of Lavender!

I have texted him (always the safest option!)small__6180938017
with my apologies.
Along the lines of….
“Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry”.

My only explanation I can give,
in order to excuse my madness is,
I thought it was Thursday!

I am not sure he will forgive me,
but hopefully two hours killing others,
will have calmed him.

So can anyone beat that,
or is it official.
Am I the worst mother ever?

photo credit: MarianaLeme via photopin cc
photo credit: -PinkFarasha.* via photopin cc
photo credit: rolleh via photopin cc

28 thoughts on “Am I The Worst Mother Ever?

        1. yikes. And now you’ve mentioned itching I’m concerned about chaffing! Luckily he loves his mum, usually!

    1. Perfect comment. The best form of defence is attack! Thank you. I have had one drink and I agree. I am great! delighted to see you visit.

  1. Mothers mixing up days!! Who would have thought!?.. I especially love that he went to class in a wet uniform anyway! It is spring though!! c

  2. I have learn the hard way, sometimes my best intentions get me into the biggest trouble!
    When I started reading – I thought you were going to say that you turned his crisp white uniform a delicate shade of pink. Now that and a lavender scent could get a boy into a lot of trouble!
    See, you could have done something MUCH worse…and you didn’t!
    Just goes to show, you are a wonderful mother. ❤

  3. We all make mistakes and while we want to get mad at those who make them, we often can’t. Here is a good opportunity for him to learn in safe place from someone who loves him. We don’t want to make life hard for our kids, but it happens! Great post!

  4. I managed to accidetally tumble off to sleep when i was months along. I had hypermesis. Well I woke to find my toddlers leg STUCK in the riveting o the coffee table! One panic attack and a bowl of country crock butter later … He was freed in an hour. So i think its safe to say the wet suit isnt too terribly bad. 🙂

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