Capturing the moments.

Growing up most of our photographs were of holidays, birthdays, gatherings or special occasions. If I were to have taken a ‘selfie’ as a teenager, people would have questioned my sanity. Nowadays, I rarely pose or share photos of myself and often forget to take my camera out during special occasions, but that doesn’t mean, … More Capturing the moments.


When we lose someone life changes forever. Grief comes calling and brings with it exhaustion and a sadness no joy can lift. We understand the world is still turning and people are busy with their lives, but it is a lonely place to be. As time passes people move on, and as they are busy … More Remembering…

Private. Keep Out.

I wonder do many people keep diaries nowadays? What with social media encouraging us to share our everyday lives online and the lack of penmanship, I suspect the numbers are few. I began a diary six weeks after my dad died and wrote in it for over 25 years. It was a place to vent … More Private. Keep Out.

Happy Mother’s Day American Mammies. (And to my own lovely Irish Mum too)

I believe it’s Mother’s Day in the United States today, so I thought there’s the perfect excuse to mention yet again my mum. However, rather than a maudlin post, telling you all how much I miss her and leaving everyone depressed, I thought I’d share one I wrote for and about my mum a few … More Happy Mother’s Day American Mammies. (And to my own lovely Irish Mum too)