As promised…

So I promised I’d share one of the stories (very short stories) from my memoir course. I have an idea that in time I’ll write a series of short stories covering the many different events in my life to date and put them all together into one book. Some will be challenging, others funny but … More As promised…

What’s another year?

Thirty years ago today my world stopped turning with the words ‘Dad’s gone.’ A lifetime has happened since, I qualified as a nurse, Got engaged, Married, Became a mum, Miscarried, Became ‘Mum’ to three more children, Attended first days at school and graduations. Celebrated birthdays, Christmas’s and many different occasions, All without Dad. Thirty years … More What’s another year?

Questions on life.

So, I’m still alive, just curled up in a ball for a while and trying to make sense of the world we live in. Since the sudden death of Ben’s mum, Elma I’ve found myself questioning everything in life. Most of those questions I’ve asked myself many times before, beginning when my own Dad died … More Questions on life.

Immeasurable grief.

Sometimes something happens which rocks your world, where you wonder about the lottery that is life and you ask the question “Why?” You may remember young Ben who I’ve written about many times here on my blog?  Well last Saturday Ben’s beautiful mum died suddenly. A young woman who had been hurt so badly by life … More Immeasurable grief.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Today is my Dads birthday. Unfortunately I wont be meeting up with him, handing over a present he probably didn’t want and blowing out the candles on his cake, because Dad died of Motor Neuron Disease almost 30 years ago. I’ve written many posts about him here over the years but today I’d like to … More Happy Birthday Dad.

Series of letters returns. Letter#3… Dear Daughter.

Here is another letter from my ‘Series of letters’. It’s a beautifully written, heartfelt letter from a mother who is separated to her young daughter.  Dear Daughter, When I met your Dad I was trying to coach myself out of a world of disappointment and sadness. I was trying to pull myself out of a … More Series of letters returns. Letter#3… Dear Daughter.