Empty nest.

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one. Today my eldest, my firstborn left the nest. There is silence about her going, as we all come to terms with the empty space she has left. Today I cannot help but grieve. Twenty one years ago, I began … More Empty nest.

One Pillow.

I met my future over twenty five years ago. And he changed me forever. He was everything I did not look for, and I became all I frowned upon. He was solid, steady, and clean shaven, an all round good looking “nice” guy. I became a love sick puppy, who chased her man shamelessly. Of … More One Pillow.

What Makes Me Me?

Despite visiting my grandparents regularly on holidays, and my grandfather coming to live with us, after my grandmothers death, I never really knew them. I never asked the right questions, or showed any interest in who they were, or what sort of life they had lived. What I would give to be able to turn … More What Makes Me Me?