Guidelines for contributing a letter to “A series of letters”.

If you wish to contribute a letter to my upcoming “series of letters”, here are a few guidelines.

Quite a number of people have asked what sort of letter, what are the rules and how do they send it to me?

Firstly any letter can be credit: <a href="">arguiped</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
It could be a letter to a first love, to an absent parent, to a teacher or friend.
Maybe a Letter to yourself in the future or one to a younger you,
to someone who wronged or hurt you, or a letter of confession.

There are endless opportunities.

There are no rules but try not to have it over 800/900 words, otherwise it can be as short as you wish.
All I ask is that you speak from the heart.

In order to send the letter to my site I think the easiest thing to do is to write it as usual as a draft on your own blog.
Then go to Contact me on the menu part of my blog and copy and paste your letter into the email.
Be sure to let me know if you wish to remain anonymous.
I would prefer if you did not post the letter on your blog until after it appears here.

I know I have readers who are not bloggers. If you would like to contribute a letter you are most welcome, just send it to me via email and let me know if it is to remain anonymous.

I will contact you to let you know I received it and I will let you know prior to publishing it.

Afterwards I was going to add a link in my menu so they can be read whenever. If you ever wish to withdraw your letter just let me know.

I am so looking forward to this. I hope to print the first letters this Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you to all who are thinking about this.
I know for some these letters may be painful to write. I hope writing them brings you peace.

I will stick this post as a sticky post so it can be accessed anytime.

Nothing else left to be said only, “Go on you know you want to….. Get writing”.

******* To those who are sick of reading about these letters I apologise.
I will be posting a long overdue Freshly Impressed post later on this evening.


51 thoughts on “Guidelines for contributing a letter to “A series of letters”.

        1. Aw OM you are soooo good. Next time you’re cranky on your blog I’ll remind you ( and me) that your a good person! 🙂

    1. Nor would I want you to. That poem says it all.
      I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time and I admire the way you use your experience to help the lives of others.

        1. Oh dear. I hope it wasn’t anonymous. I did change my email about three months ago so maybe it was an old one. Glad you found out or you’d be my greatest follower just waiting for your letter to appear!

      1. Wow I am amazed at how quick the words flowed once I got going!!! I have sent you what I have written. Hope its okay 🙂

        1. yes :-/ If you need me to I can send it again. Might it go into your spam?

        2. I checked my spam and all folders. Can you resend it via the contact me on my menu please. Sorry about this, I’ve received others so it must be working.

  1. this sounds like a fantastically cleansing project. I hope I am able to contribute, if I can get the words out. Have you started the collection yet? And may I reblog and share?

    1. Thanks a million. I’m hoping to begin this weekend one on Sat and Sunday. It will then be a regular feature, so hopefully it can run and run.
      I’d be delighted with a reblog and share. The more letters the more reading.
      I too think it is a very cleansing project, I once wrote such a letter and it allowed all the other nice letters to take it’s place.
      Looking forward to reading if you do contribute.

  2. Reblogged this on Rippled Words and commented:
    Our Friend at My Thoughts on a Page has a wonderful idea! To collect letters, your letters…in a series of letters. Letters to a lost love, your lifelong partner, your child, your parent, or even to your younger or older self. It sounds like a fantastically cleansing experience and should be intriguing at the very least.
    The series will be published…. no worries …. you can remain anonymous if you so choose.
    Check out the Guidelines here … and do consider contributing.

    1. I can tell you your letters have arrived! I’ll have to post them early enough as you must be in great suspense. I called over to your blog but I couldn’t see comments.
      I’d burst if I were you waiting.
      I take it you do not wish to remain anonymous.

      1. Yes I do not wish to remain anonymous! 🙂 You have to actually click on the post in order to comment, it’s silly. Thank you for letting me know!!! I can’t wait to see it!

  3. Thanks for the invitation to share our letters with you. Most certainly I will send you a letter for you to post, I just have to pick the one I think best for this. Thank you again!

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