I Live In The House Of My Dreams

You may see a pothole ridden driveway,
as you enter my house.
I see a beautifully tarred drive,
with summer flowers spilling over onto it

As you knock on the door (with no knocker),
you stand on the step.
However I stand in a lovely cottage style porch,
which looks so pretty and keeps out the cold.
It has a half door and roses growing around it.

You enter the hall.
On your right you see the double doors to the sitting room.
You may notice that one of the glass panes in the door,
has a crack running the length of it.
I see those sitting room doors,
with the decorated beveled glass panels,
I had custom made.
They have replaced the cracked clear glass,
broken by a slam from a child in a temper.

In the sitting room there is a lovely couch and wooden floor.
You think the patterned curtains are dated and not hanging very well.small__446182836
Perhaps you feel they let the room down.
I am happy in my sitting room,
as I pull the plain champagne colored, full length curtains I had hand made,
to go with the couch and cushions.

Hearing the children in the next room.
You are reminded that on your last visit this room was freshly painted.
You see the old furniture is still there.
Was this not the room that was getting a full makeover?
I too see this room.
Yes, it was recently painted.
The old furniture is gone,
and a cream colored bookcase and desk have been added.

As you look around you see the wall is still bare
You have seen the painting we picked still hanging in the shop.small_2793347816
I sit at my desk and see that selfsame beautiful painting,
hanging in just the right spot on the wall.
It does indeed finish off the room beautifully.

It is time for you to leave now.
As you walk away down my drive,
pause if you like and look back at my house,
I am sure you will agree,
I really do live in the house of my dreams.

photo credit: Anguskirk via photopin cc
photo credit: Anguskirk via photopin cc
photo credit: chatirygirl via photopin cc

14 thoughts on “I Live In The House Of My Dreams

    1. I have friends who always finish every room so beautifully. I never quite get there. Enjoy your home, and I suggest if its not perfect,moving to the house of your dreams!

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