Gone but never forgotten.

Today, October 9th, is my father’s 35th anniversary. I could tell you what a lovely dad he was, but it is better to, ‘Show, don’t tell.’ So, here he is. Let me set the scene. 1980’s Dublin. I was a rather boyish, seven- or eight-year-old girl, the fourth in a family of five. My cousin, … More Gone but never forgotten.

Thank you.

I am most definitely not religious, but yesterday I went to Mass to say goodbye to two extraordinary men. Thankfully it wasn’t a funeral service, but it was a sad occasion. Both men were priests, who are leaving our community, Fr Pat, to another parish after nine years and Fr Charlie, who is retiring after … More Thank you.

Mixed memories

Today I should have been in Dublin, the home of my childhood. I should have woken early and enjoyed a breakfast with family before leaving, our arms laden with flowers and planted pots, to make our way to the graveyard to remember the first love of my life. My Dad and my wonderful Mum who … More Mixed memories

Today we remembered

Today, I remembered Mum, as it was this day last year she left us. I remembered the week before, as she readied us for her leaving and I remembered the previous two years and the toll they took on her. Then, as I thought of her I remembered her fighting spirit. Her never giving up. … More Today we remembered