above water.

What can I say. I am blown away by the kindness of my amazing blog and writer friend Beth, from I didn’t have my glasses on. Casually, she said, I will post about your book when it is released in the United States. I was delighted, but this is so much more than a mention. Thank you Beth. I might be a writer, but today I am lost for words at your kindness and generosity. However, having got to know you over the years I shouldn’t be. This is exactly who you are. Thank you so much.

I didn't have my glasses on....

i first crossed paths

with this brave and amazing future author (trish kearney)

years ago on her blog:

“my thoughts on a page”


where she wrote about

her family, her careers, her loves and losses, her daily life in ireland

when i later traveled to ireland

we met in person

(even though her children warned her i might really be a male serial killer)

we spent a great afternoon at an outdoor pub

near the water on a beautiful day

getting to know each other

i had no idea what her whole story was

until she began writing posts about her childhood

 floating the idea of writing her memoir

including painful buried trauma she had endured

as a young championship swimmer

over time she gained confidence

decided to tell her story

to find personal peace

to hold her tormentor responsible

to no longer be a victim

to help others…

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