For Richer, For Poorer!

I have a very poor reputation in my family for money.
My children can never understand,
why I am always robbing borrowing,
from the stash they keep in their bedrooms.
It is not unusual for them to see little notes,small__5858030702
saying “IOU €10” left in lieu of money.
I will admit that sometimes,
it has happened, that in my rush for cash,
I have ‘forgotten’ to leave this note!
At least one of my children,
has now hidden their cash!

Is this bad reputation deserved though?

I admit budgeting is one of the many traits,
my husband and I do not share as a couple.
He knows exactly what needs to be paid and when.
I have no clue.
His money is usually found in his wallet,
crisp and folded.
Mine is to be found,
in my pocket,
rolled in a ball.

My daily budgeting works like this.
I wake up and my first transaction takes place.
The transfer of my money,
from one pair of jeans to another!
I don’t formally check my account balance at this point,
but I know there are a few rolled up notes,
and some coins in it.

By 8.30am there have been three withdrawals.
“Mum, I need money for lunch”.
“Mum, we still haven’t paid for after school study”.
“Mum, remember the money for my maths book”.

As the day goes on,
more demands are made from my account.
Food is required,small__3508403334
and short of owning a cow,
I cannot keep us in milk.
By evening there has been a run on the bank of mum!
I have paid for the groceries,
bought schoolbooks and a birthday present.
The dog was sick and had to see the vet.
The cost of this last transaction,
almost bankrupted me.
I’d swear I have fully paid for,
his veterinary degree by now!

As night falls,
My account balance is very low.
My jeans no longer filled with cash.
Time to check my account balance.
I reach into my pocket and pull out what is left.
A few coins tumble noisily out across the sitting room floor,
disturbing the nights television viewing.
My husband and four children look up at me,
and one of them says,
“Mum, your so careless with your money,
no wonder you never have any!”.

photo credit: Images_of_Money via photopin cc
photo credit: Newton Free Library via photopin cc

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