Mixed memories

Today I should have been in Dublin, the home of my childhood. I should have woken early and enjoyed a breakfast with family before leaving, our arms laden with flowers and planted pots, to make our way to the graveyard to remember the first love of my life. My Dad and my wonderful Mum who now rests beside him.

Because of Covid, I was 200 km away from the place I wished to be.

However, that didn’t stop me remembering. I remembered the awful cruelty that was Motor Neurone disease and the sadness of Mum as every year she mourned his loss. And then I remembered past that day, to the wonderful early childhood I’d lived. The fun, the laughter, the love.

October 9th is no longer a day to be mourn and miss Dad, but rather a day to smile and remember both Mum and Dad and the many wonderful days we were lucky to have shared.


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