A Brief Hello

It’s many months since I sat to write in this blog and so much has changed, so let me get you quickly up to date.

I had Covid… as did most of my family, although they blame me entirely for their getting it, (they may or may not be correct on that one) but thankfully, we all got better. Co-incidentally, can I tell you what a gifted mother I am? I managed to give it to my eldest, who is living in Dubai the same week.

Since Covid began I have walked a bazillion miles, (well it feels as if I have). Ireland has been mostly locked down for months and the only way to survive has been to walk. So I did. Every day and most evenings too. I am lucky to live somewhere with amazing walks, by the sea or along country roads, and I admit it, I often walked with a friend… who I didn’t manage to give covid to!

I have recently taken possession of a kayak. Yes, I am going to move from the road to the sea. Again, how lucky am I.

My empty nest is packed to the rafters, with one more due home in a few months. That will make seven of us. There is a small chance my new desire to go kayaking and my excessive love of walking may have been influenced by the full nest.

My youngest daughter is only a few weeks away from finishing school forever. That blows my mind. I have one more still at school, so it softens the blow, but I cannot believe the day will come, soon, when she leaves for college. However, she has no such melancholy feelings!

My very big news is, I wrote a book. Yes, can you believe it! And it was an Irish bestseller. I was on television, radio and in magazines and newspapers. It was a bonkers time and beyond my wildest dreams. But I still had to make dinner and do the laundry!

I am now trying to settle down to write book number two. A book of fiction, which is so very different to memoir. I’m not sure it is easier, but it is way more fun.

Of course, a bit like social media, this is the cherry picking of my life, the better bits. There’s been a whole heap of difficult, sad and crazy but I’ll keep that for another time.

In the meantime, if you’ve not heard of my book and fancy a read, here it is. It’s really good, honestly, I’m not one bit bias. Here is the link, just in case. Above Water… by Me.

8 thoughts on “A Brief Hello

  1. so good to see you and i’ve been doing the walking thing all year as well, but have not in fact, managed to write a book. i’m looking forward to reading it in a few weeks when school is out and i really look forward to it. best of luck with the kayak and you truly are a gifted mother.

    1. Thanks Beth. Lovely to get a chance to come back here. It’s crazy to think you’ve a whole year of school during covid done. I hope you enjoy the read.

  2. Have just read your book in one evening after work!
    I had it downloaded after listening to the George Gibney podcast but had left it aside as I knew the story. Such beautiful writing . Could not put it down. The integrity and the description of family dynamics – fab

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