We Are By Your Side.

What would you do if you were told your child was sick?
Not the twenty four hour bug sick,
Not the head cold or virus kind of sick.
I mean really sick.small__291488094
Chemotherapy sick!

My friend got this message at Christmas,
Happy ******* Xmas!

Since then we have all been in a spin.
We are not my friend.
We are not the parents,
who were given this news,
But we are parents.
It could have been any of us.

This amazingly brave,
sports mad boys life,
is on hold.
So is his mom and dads,
His brother and sisters,
His aunts and uncles.

His parents friends lives,
are also deeply affected.
We carry on with our every day.
Thankful that this was not our lot,
but oh so sad it had to be any of us.
Everything we do is superficial,
because inside we can only think of our friend.

We smile and laugh every day,
but cannot wait to have a reason to smile with our friend.
We moan about our kids,
but appreciate they are fit and well.
The days our friend is in hospital,
we miss her from our lives.

Our children are also aware of the changing environment.
“I don’t feel well”,
is met by, “Are you for real?
Imagine if you were on chemotherapy?”

Every moment of every day,
we carry our friend in our heart.
This is even more true when they are in hospital,
which is where they are regularly.

Can you imagine going from an active life,small_71010753
working in a job you love,
caring for your children,
cheering on your talented son from the sideline,
to sitting in the hospital,
day after day,

Waiting for blood results,
waiting for chemotherapy,
waiting for your son to be well enough to go home.
knowing in a week or two you will return.

We can all see,
despite your brave face and smiles,
that at the moment,
Life for you is very hard.

So for what it is worth,
even though most of the time,
we cannot be there physically,
sitting beside you,
laughing with you,
sharing with you.
We would all like you to know,
We never leave your side.
Every hour of every day,
we, your friends,
stand beside you.
we think of you,
and wish you strength.small__3092672005

And just to keep you going,
in case you think I have completely lost it,
try to imagine the party we will have,
hopefully in September,
after which I expect we may all be very unwell!

Hang in there.

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13 thoughts on “We Are By Your Side.

  1. Every parent’s worst nightmare. I can’t even go there in my thoughts. But when someone’s child gets sick, every parent pulls for them, prays for them and hurts for them. We are all connected through the love we have for our kids, I’m sure.

  2. This is a beautiful post

    I hope your friend reads your blog. Though I’m sure she already knows your thought are with her during this difficult time and that she can depend on you for strength and support should she or her family need it

    1. I wrote it because I know she reads it and I wanted her to see it in writing as at the moment due to the treatment things are difficult. Thanks duncanr

  3. It is good to be able to communicate to those close to us in this way.
    Sending healing thoughts…
    My cousin is sick like I was. That is what started me blogging..the only way I could reach her. I know she reads my words every day. She feels unreachable then I see her like on a post.
    Keep writing. You touch many..

    1. Thank you. I can imagine your posts of being great help to your cousin and others. I especially liked your collage.It was very insightful.

  4. You are a good friend. Although I do not know your friend personally, my thoughts are with her and her family. I’m not very good with words, but my wish is for her boy to get well soon.

  5. Beautiful… as a parent who HAS been there, having a daughter who had lymphoma and went through months of chemo and surgery, I appreciated all my friends and community – all the messages of love and support were so necessary and wonderful. Thank you for writing and sharing this!

    1. It was especially for my friends that week as it was a particularly difficult week. Thankfully we are moved on and next stop is the transplant! Fingers crossed.

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