Stop the clock.

I know people who are very organised, you might even be one yourself? You know the type, the ones who buy next years school uniforms the day their children get Summer holidays and Christmas presents as early as September. They have school books covered and lunch boxes purchased weeks before returning to school. I number… More Stop the clock.

Believe it or not?

Does Religion matter? Are you a happier person because you believe there is another life waiting, or because you believe this is the only chance you are getting? I’m not one for religion or an after life with Jesus or whoever, but every now and then I can appreciate what it is for others to… More Believe it or not?

The ties that bind.

Good luck Europe! No there is no big sporting competition on you’ve not heard about, nor am I commenting on Brexit or ISIS. What I am referring to is the fact that today two of my children left home, backpacks loaded, for a week travelling Europe together. To say their travel plans are ambitious would… More The ties that bind.