What is a friend?

Hopefully we all have them, some have them in great numbers, others are content with one or two. I had thought I knew what a friend was until I was part of a discussion recently, where a fairly sizable number spoke of having at least one friend who is all take and no give. I… More What is a friend?

As off you go.

To those of you who read this after putting your little ones to bed, to those of you who dream, as you drown in everyday parenting, to those of you who cannot remember life before children, I have only one thing to say… it does end, and as you look back you will shake your… More As off you go.

Children don’t need to be politically correct.

So I’m home from visiting ‘my wee small boy,’ but feeling a little bit broken. So instead of a moany post I thought I’d repost an old one which hopefully you’ll enjoy. Living in Australia in my early twenties, was my first experience of living and working, with a variety of different nationalities. I loved… More Children don’t need to be politically correct.