The ties that bind.

Good luck Europe! No there is no big sporting competition on you’ve not heard about, nor am I commenting on Brexit or ISIS. What I am referring to is the fact that today two of my children left home, backpacks loaded, for a week travelling Europe together. To say their travel plans are ambitious would… More The ties that bind.

Holiday update.

In case you have been losing sleep worrying and fretting over my lack of holiday accommodation five days before we travel, sleep tight my friend, for we are all sorted. After writing my last post it hit me that there was a real danger we’d spend a week in Scotland with no place to lie… More Holiday update.

Where was I?

As I dust the cobwebs off my blog I am so delighted to be back. ‘Where were you?’ I know you all are shouting. ‘Why have you not been writing?’ I hear you cry. ‘We have missed your posts so much,’ I imagine you sobbing. Well let me assure you all is well in my… More Where was I?

I had a dream…

You may not be able to see it, but can you feel the happiness in this post? Today after one hundred years of waiting (seriously), we got a new couch for our sitting room. Some of you may be unsure as to what I mean by a sitting room, as I’m not sure if it’s… More I had a dream…