Can I Have A Weeks Holiday In June To Save A Life?

I know there is somebody,
somewhere out there,
asking this question.
Because yesterday my friend was told,
someone had agreed to be,
her 13 year old son’s bone marrow donor!

We do not know what country you live in.
We will never know why you decided to donate,
We can never meet you to say “Thank you”.

What was it,
that made you decide,small_2789535502
“I’ll go on the bone marrow transplant list”?
How long ago did you enlist?
Twenty years ago,
or just a few months ago?
What age are you?
Are you a parent?

When we heard the awful news at Christmas,
so many of us would have offered our bone marrow.
His own family were not compatible.
But you made a decision to donate,
without ever knowing,
the wonderful, bright, sports mad boy,
who has had to put his life on hold,
at thirteen years of age!

Today somewhere you are living your own life.
You may be looking and acting like everyone else.
But you are different,
You are “Extraordinary”.
You will have given someone so young,
the chance to live to be old.
You will have reached out to a family,
you will never know,
and dried up their tears.
Giving them more than anyone else will ever give them.

And for what?small__4018066673
The family will never know who you are.
They can never embrace you to say “Thank You”.

“Thank You for giving up your time”
“Thank You for giving a young boy his life back”

So whoever you are,
I hope your “holiday” goes well.
You really are special.
And so is the boy you are helping.
You deserve each other!

And to anyone reading.
If you’ve never thought about donating before,
maybe you will now?

National Marrow Donor Programme

British Bone Marrow Registry

One match Canada

photo credit: searching4jphotography via photopin cc

photo credit: stars alive via photopin cc

12 thoughts on “Can I Have A Weeks Holiday In June To Save A Life?

    1. Thanks a million. We are all rattled with guilt that we didn’t do it before it came to our door!. Hopefully all will go great. I’ll pass on your kind wishes.

  1. Such an important work, and compassionate plea! Best of luck with the task at hand. I can’t help with much, but I’ll RB this on my site if that’s okay. Take care and the best to this family in need!

    Take care,

  2. That’s wonderful news that a donor has been found for the young lad. He and his family and friends must be so full of joy and renewed hope right now

    And well done to the anonymous donor. it’s nice to be reminded now and again that there are good people in this world !

  3. Hurray for his anonymous donor! Well written piece as well. I teared up. I can relate to these emotions of wanting to know and thank my nephew’s donor when the doctors found his perfect match. Words will never fully explain how much gratitude my family and I have to “Mr. Donor”. I do have a great update, however, after 1 year post-transplant, we got a chance to contact the donor, and he had that chance as well. We now are talking to him via email/Facebook. He lives in Virginia (East Coast) and we live in the MidWest of the USA. We hope to one day meet in person. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. Sending lots of love and prayers to this young guy and his wonderful donor.

    1. I knew you would empathise with this. I have read your journey. It is great to see the end result. We are naturally still holding our breath but at least now he has a chance. Thanks to this wonderful young woman. It must be fantastic for your nephews donor to be in touch.
      I am sure in time my friends family would love to be able to contact her. Who knows maybe it will happen. She would sure have some craic over here with the party we would throw for her!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this heart-touching story and I’m so pleased a donor was found. I have written about the love of a stranger and while it can seem sort of strange or even awkward, I’ve experienced that myself through my journey with a severe illness. I had blood transfusions for 5 years every 3 weeks and am so thankful for blood donors. That said, none of my close family has ever donated blood, even after it saved my life. Naturally, I can’t donate and am on so many medications that I’m sure every part of me is fried but giving someone the gift of life…you can’t beat it xx Rowena

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