What object speaks of you?

What is there in your home that speaks of you? What objects in future years will forever remind your children of you?

I can remember one day a good few months ago, asking my children about this. My smart ass, eldest, spoke up, saying that whenever she smells burnt toast she’d forever remember me. She also added that absence of an object would also remind her of me, such as not being able to find keys, credit cards and phone.

So today I asked one of my daughters again, what object she thinks speaks of me? What would she look at in years to come and say to her children, ‘that reminds me of mum.’ I gave her a whole five minutes and returned, slightly afraid at what she would come up with.

‘Sylvanian families,’ was her first comment.sylvanian animals

‘Why?’ I inquired.

‘Because when we were small you were always so enthusiastic about us going to buy them and playing with them.’ she replied. (We do have many hundreds, not to mention houses, caravans, canal boats, schools and hotels, having had three girls who loved them,)

‘And make up, of course’ she said laughing. (I rarely wear any and own only three items) ‘Oh and hair bobbles too, because you were so brilliant at doing our hair.’ (More sarcasm as I was no hairdresser.)

‘You are so funny! Now how about being serious? Anything else remind you of me?’

‘Books, so many books which you read to us,’ (Now that one made me feel good) ‘Like this one.’  She went to her book shelves where I noticed she had kept a large number of her childhood books, and pulled out ‘My Mothers Face’ by Roddy Doyle.my mothers face

‘Aw that’s a good object,’ I encouraged, knowing she was close to fed up with me. ‘Just give me one more.’

She began to look at the floor of her bedroom, scouring it for something to choose.

‘Ah you can’t just spot something now and say it’ I said. ‘Is there nothing else you think of, which reminds you of me?’

‘Baby smell.’ She announced, clicking her fingers.

‘What? Why?’

‘Because you go crazy for baby smells. You want to pick up new babies all the time, and if you hear a new born crying we have to go all around the supermarket until you find it.’

I smiled and acknowledged she was right. Her list had not been what I’d expected, but I’d not been too mortified by her choices either. In truch I was slightly relieved as I’d expected a bottle of wine to feature in it. Sorry to admit but if it had, I’d have had to, accidentally on purpose, forget that item when it came to writing here!

Her choices made me wonder, what objects do I think speak of me, or more honestly, what objects would I like to speak of me?

I’d have to put back in the wine bottle, as I love a drink and going out. I’d also add a garden trowel, because I love gardening, a pen, for my writing, my wedding and engagement rings, for my best friend in the world and the giant collage of photos of twenty years of parenting.

However, above all there is one item, well technically two, I’d love to forever be associated with me. They are our rather shabby, sun damaged couches in the kitchen. For it is sitting there I have enjoyed life, perhaps more than anywhere else on earth. It is on these couches I sat many days surrounded by little ones. It is here I nursed them, snuggled them when they were ill, or hurt themselves, where I told them stories and listened to their tales. Now that they are almost grown up, it is here we sit when they come in from school or work. Here, the chat, the craic, the laughter and gossip of the day are shared. Here, I sometimes sit and look around at the family I’ve almost reared, and feel more content than anywhere else in the world.

photo (26)

Yes believe it or not, these shabby couches, which my husband would love to replace, are the number one item I’d chose to pick as an object that speaks of me.

This post is in response to a post written by Awfully Chipper asking us to share Objects of Me.  I thought it was such an interesting idea. What are your ‘objects of me? Why not visit Awfully Chipper, see her choices and share your own?

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

32 thoughts on “What object speaks of you?

  1. Nice one, tric. Many the shabby sofa has graduated to hearth of the home status. I saw AC’s linky and have been thinking about it since. I’m a gypsy and don’t hang on to much. Medication and the TV remote probably don’t qualify.

  2. That’s such a lovely post. I’m going to have to pose that question to my girls and grandkids. I’m sure there will be snide remarks and I hope they do. After all.. Nobody is perfect.

  3. I can’t imagine what I would pick or what my kids would pick. The grand sons would probably say lollipops! I am rarely without one or two or three for each in my purse. My kids would probably each pick something different as they each know a different side of me.

    1. Maybe you will ask them. If you do let me know. I do agree though reading your posts I think your grandchildren will choose lollipops.

  4. i think mine would be my heart rock collection that i’ve found all over. they are genuine, simple, imperfect and lovely. how i would like to be.

  5. Loved it, the couches sound like lifetime keepers with all the stories they could tell. Great post, really enjoyed reading it!

    1. Thanks Naomi. I think time spent sitting on the couches really reflect the changing of my role as a mother, from feeder and changer to nursery maid and minder, to listener and advisor. As well as always just being ‘mum’

  6. Tric….thank you. I am prompted to ask my own children this question. It’s amazing what ‘we’ think will matter compared to what they associate us with. Now I am curious.

    1. Please let us know what responses you got. Maybe even join the linky? I’d love to know what they said. Surely a bike and an aul shamrock would have to be mentioned?

        1. Me too. I found it a bit scary too wondering what they’ll say. Desperate not to be remembered for something I’d rather not be.

  7. What a beautiful post! The couch must have witnessed fights and joys and arguments and laughter alike! What a wonderful object to pick… 🙂

    1. Thank you. What would your objects for yourself be? The ones you think speak of you? An item of clothing, a book, a piece of jewelry?

      1. Umm…well, let me think for a bit!
        I think my coffee mug (I’ve used the same one for years now and I’ve read and written some of the most beautiful stuff with that by my side!)

    1. Haha. Never fear we never had a couch at home in my house growing up, but our kitchen table is, and always will be where most of my greatest memories of fun and family took place.

  8. I’m not sure if colors qualify as objects for the purposes of answering this question. My kids already tell me that dark green reminds them of me. It’s my favorite color, so most my tops of whatever kind tend to be dark green. Now you know. 🙂

    1. That’s interesting as one of my friends also has a colour associated with her, it’s black and white.
      Dark green, not the most common of colours.

  9. I really enjoyed this post Tric. Especially the Sylvanian family as both I and my daughter are now getting nice and obsessed with them.

    1. No one plays with them anymore here, but the house is still all set up, the table set, the playground, hotel, school and barge all ready. Hopefully someday little hands will return. Enjoy these precious years. They were a cost well worth paying.

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