Happy Friday 13th!

Today was Friday the 13th. A day which is synonymous with bad luck. The superstitious among us, believe we will have a day filled with disaster. A friend of mine began the day badly, as she had the misfortune, of running out of diesel. As I went to her aid, I thought there might be … More Happy Friday 13th!

Today is THE day.

Today you woke up as usual ready to greet another day. For most or you today will not be one you will ever recall. For us we will never forget it. As I sit here an amazing journey is beginning. Somewhere many miles away in the United States, a young woman is leaving her home … More Today is THE day.

Words unspoken

I went for a final walk with my friend today, and tried to say “Good bye”. We spoke at length on our two hour walk, and yet so much was left unsaid. She and her husband are leaving their home, and three of their children, to go to Dublin with their young son, for a … More Words unspoken

A life saver, one in a billion. Times person of the year award.

Daily Prompt. You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why? If only this award were real. If only it were truly possible to nominate this person. We could look you in the eye, and say “Thank You”. The person I am nominating is American, young and … More A life saver, one in a billion. Times person of the year award.

No Excuses!

One of my very closest friends, got the devastating news at Christmas, that her son aged twelve had leukemia. We have all taken time to adjust, but life continues in any family, especially when you have children, as I think this post clearly demonstrates. Within her own home she has four children, Last night they … More No Excuses!