Gone but never forgotten.

Today, October 9th, is my father’s 35th anniversary. I could tell you what a lovely dad he was, but it is better to, ‘Show, don’t tell.’ So, here he is. Let me set the scene. 1980’s Dublin. I was a rather boyish, seven- or eight-year-old girl, the fourth in a family of five. My cousin, … More Gone but never forgotten.

Capturing the moments.

Growing up most of our photographs were of holidays, birthdays, gatherings or special occasions. If I were to have taken a ‘selfie’ as a teenager, people would have questioned my sanity. Nowadays, I rarely pose or share photos of myself and often forget to take my camera out during special occasions, but that doesn’t mean, … More Capturing the moments.


When we lose someone life changes forever. Grief comes calling and brings with it exhaustion and a sadness no joy can lift. We understand the world is still turning and people are busy with their lives, but it is a lonely place to be. As time passes people move on, and as they are busy … More Remembering…

Feckin onions.

We all wear masks. We lie every day, even to our loved ones, and often they know we are lying. It is easier that way. Today I stood making dinner as the sun beamed in the window. I could see my husband outside working in the garden and my kids were around the house doing … More Feckin onions.

If I could…

If you had three wishes, what would you wish? Today’s daily prompt asks, Who do you give your three wishes to, and why? By coincidence earlier today I had written a post titled… If I could. Imagine if you had three wishes, what would you do? As a child I can remember thinking I was … More If I could…

Unintentional Hero.

Can you imagine how you would feel if the next phone call you received was one telling you a loved one was in a serious accident? Can you imagine walking into your childs room to discover they are unconscious? Imagine the rush to the hospital, the fear and then the silence of sitting in the … More Unintentional Hero.

Aoibheanns Pink Tie. One fathers positive response to the loss of his child.

“You have cancer”.  Can you imagine sitting in a surgery and hearing that? Now imagine sitting there with your husband or partner and hearing “Your son/daughter has cancer”. Imagine the next scene, if your child is old enough, you must sit there and support your son or daughter, as they hear for the very first … More Aoibheanns Pink Tie. One fathers positive response to the loss of his child.