‘I didn’t lick it off the stones.’

My mum has a wealth of sayings one of which is “she didn’t lick it off the stones.” Today is Mother’s Day here in Ireland and I’d like to borrow her expression in relation to myself. I am the mother I am because of my mum. As a mother she’s been strong, brave, loving,caring,thoughtful and … More ‘I didn’t lick it off the stones.’

One more sleep.

It is hard to write anything tonight as my stomach is in knots. Tomorrow is voting day. The simple question ‘Should we extend marriage rights to gay couples?’ has become complicated. Only a few months ago there was a large Yes majority, which has been greatly reduced since the mischievious addition of the welfare of … More One more sleep.


I took part in a writing challenge during the week, to write 200 words on ‘Home’. I adapted an old post about not asking for help, and this is what I came up with. Home. As a child I lived in a happy home, five children, loving parents and a dog. Life was all it … More Home

Present envy?

Do you ever have present envy? You know when your friend has a birthday and the love of their life buys them a wonderful present, a piece of jewelry, or surprises them with a weekend away, somewhere luxurious, with all manner of spoiling thrown in for good measure? Do you ever say, “Oh how lovely … More Present envy?

This one is for you.

‘Do you mind her writing about you like that in her blog?” my friend asked my husband over Christmas. We were all gathered in a friends house and I had just discovered that a number of those present, regularly read my blog, or at least had access to it. ‘Yerrah” said my husband, (don’t even … More This one is for you.

To us.

Today is the anniversary of the day I got married. We have defied the odds, and have managed to stay married, and even fond of each other, for over twenty years. I am allergic to writing a mushy post, and there are more than enough posts on this blog where I have laughed at yer … More To us.