Men do not improve with age.

My husband is a genius. In times of trouble and strife, he is always there to pick me up. Well after twenty years together you would hope so. Take this morning for example. I woke early with my eldest daughter who fled the nest yesterday, weighing heavily on my mind. No moping in bed for … More Men do not improve with age.

Everlasting grief!

It is just over a week since I executed put down, our pet dog of sixteen years. I didn’t actually inject the lethal dose, but I did put her on a leash, and lead her to her executor. Since then I must admit, I miss her greatly. There is no welcoming bark when I return … More Everlasting grief!

First Time Flyer.

Just sharing a story which might make you smile. When I was in my twenties, I went abroad with some friends. One of them was flying for the first time, and he was naturally very excited. He and his brother were put sitting together. His brother was a seasoned traveller. Airplanes no longer impressed him. … More First Time Flyer.

“Girls Night”

When my eldest child was twelve years old, we had a busy house with three younger siblings, and two more girls we minded by day. I began to feel my eldest was missing out on time with me. It was impractical to plan for special days out together, as I would probably not follow through. … More “Girls Night”

I Am Free.

This morning my son stood before me, towering above me, and just for a moment I saw him as others do. A tall, sallow, boy of eighteen, almost a man, with a mop of brown hair and a huge smile. I rarely see this boy. When I look at him I see a happy, smiling … More I Am Free.