An open letter to Garth Brooks.

Dear Garth.

Well that’s a lie for starters, because Garth Brooks you are certainly not “Dear” to me. In fact let me begin again.

Poxy Garth Brooks,

You told us your heart was in Ireland… We smiled.
You told us we were special… we cheered.
You told us you were going to begin your world tour here…. we were honoured.
You told us you were coming for three nights… not enough we shouted.
You told us there were two extra concerts… we went crazy.

We sat at every online device we could find, waiting in anticipation of buying tickets.  Yahoo 400,000 celebrated. Cowboy hats at the ready. Hotel rooms were booked. Holidays sorted. It was to be the event of the Summer, and so many of us were part of it.
“What night are you going?”, was a common question. 70,000 were coming from overseas.

We brushed up on your lyrics,
“If tomorrow never comes”,
“I didn’t mean to cause a big scene”.
And downloaded any old favourites we’d forgotten.

Then the news broke… There were only licences for three concerts, not five.

Were we worried? Not at all. Sure this is Ireland, don’t be worrying about licences. Did they not know it’s Garth Brooks. Everyone wants to come see him? Surely they’d just do what they always do? Get the licence after!

No one worried.

We read the headlines. Yes, we hear you, the residents were upset. We felt for them… but we had tickets. They’d get over it. This happens all the time.


This time the residents were determined. This time they said no and they meant no. To our horror we discovered two nights were cancelled. Feck. Who’d have believed it?

We all said things like, “Aw that’s awful”, and “God love them”, but secretly 240,000 were not bothered. They still had tickets.

I still had a ticket. A valid ticket.

Phew! Yes, yes, poor you who missed out, but Nahnahnahnah, I didn’t really care. Garth Brooks here I come.

But wait. Garth is speaking.

He loves us… Awwwphoto credit: <a href="">Shandi-lee</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a
He is devastated…. Wow!

He has made a decision… Five nights or none.

WTF? NO. No. No. Surely not?

What are you thinking Garth poxy Brooks?
Were you bad at maths at school?

You tell us you don’t want to disappoint anyone…. I get that…
But your decision means you disappoint 400,000 instead of 160.000

Seriously Garth you need a calculator.

So Garth feckin Brooks, be warned. We Irish are a dangerous breed. You think we are laid back, relaxed and up for the craic, which we are, but beneath our smiling eyes and easy talk is 800 years of a fighting nature. We do not forget easily. Just ask England.

Unless of course you change your mind?

Yours, crying into my wine,
A lost fan.

PS. I couldn’t fit this in anywhere, but Garth Brooks I think you are a right fecker, and what’s more..
you have been deleted off my ipod forever!

photo credit: armadillo444 via photopin ccphoto credit: Shandi-lee via photopin cc

44 thoughts on “An open letter to Garth Brooks.

    1. Ha ha. I was so tempted to write his name like that. I heard the Dublin Lord mayor on this evening and he called him Gareth all the time.

  1. What a petulant idiot Brooks is! I’m not a Garth Brooks fan, but that has to be a huge blow for the fans, he didn’t want to disappoint the fans of the last two concerts so he cancels all five concerts so everyone is disappointed.

    Very strange logic.

    1. I can’t believe it. I could understand that as a bargaining tool but when there’s no chance of all five I was sure he’d compromise.
      Fed up here big time!.

  2. He’s after wrecking my Mammys birthday weekend, the fecker. Tickets were a wedding anniversary present so he’s after hitting us for two things now! This will not be forgotten or forgiven!

    1. Oh no. I was so looking forward to making a weekend of it too. It’s madness. What a fecker.
      I am so sorry for you Mom. I’d be raging if it was a present, because it would have been so brilliant it’s hard to replace.
      Am off to google voodoo dolls!

  3. Bit of a cock up on all sides really isn’t it?Surely it could have been handled better!If the residents were so unhappy about the extra gigs this year,could they not have gone about seeking assurances that no gigs would be scheduled for 2015?Thats just one idea that came to my mind and I wasn’t even thinking about it for that long.To have cancelled the gigs so close to the date after all the plans people have put in place to get there is just awful.

    1. Waaaah! Still disappointed Aedin.
      I know what were they all thinking? But the one person who took away my ticket was Garth Brooks himself.
      Mmmm think I’m moving on to the anger/bitterness phase!

  4. He damn well better be paying attention! 😦 I don’t blame you for all this fecking anger. (Ach, it doesn’t sound as good when I say it as when you say it. But the feeling is the same.)

    1. Well done Colleen you are definitely learning the lingo! Just a top tip, we never put in the “g” so it is always feckin!
      Yes still hopin mad today.

      1. Ach! I am embarrassed I put the ‘g’ on. 😉 I don’t blame you for being angry. I wonder if Garth did that,hoping it would sway the movers and shakers to make sure those 2 days were not dropped. And his play did not work as planned????

        1. I was sure that was what he was doing, but then to stick to it!!
          The latest in the saga is that the Taoiseach, (our leader) is bringing it to government tomorrow!
          Garth has sent a letter, saying his gear is on the way, but it’s five or none.
          Such excitement.
          Watch this space.

  5. I know I shouldn’t be laughing at your disappointment but you applied humor so wel! Sorry that sucky garth brooks didn’t come but it made an excellent post 😉

  6. Not a Garth fan (I’d close my curtains if he was in the garden!) but this whole thing has been such a farce! I can’t believe he didn’t go ahead with the 3 gigs, seems a bit like throwing all of his toys out of the pram. I feel for everyone who has been left down. Your post made me laugh though, hope you get to go to something even better to make up for it!

    1. Thanks a million. I was so disappointed but it quickly changed to disgust. There is no logic to his pulling out.
      At least I’ll get my money back, I feel so sorry to others who made plans and have arranged travel.
      He’s definitely off my my ipod!

  7. Oh cripes. You’d been looking forward to seeing him in concert for so long. What a grade A, gold-plated, diamond-encrusted plank. I recommend hanging him off the nearest lamppost with his kecks on his head.

    1. uh. Missed a word there. I’m not that mean, honest. should read “hanging him UPSIDE-DOWN off a lamp post”. That way the blood goes to the brain – may help him realise what a silly boy he is.

      1. Ha ha. When I read your comment earlier I’d not fully imagined your punishment. I was going to comment, “That would be too good for him”.
        Lucky I didn’t have time!

        1. I looked it up on the net – they’ve even talking about his faux pas in the LA times. Who was against his concerts? What a bunch of numpties -porbably the same ones who complain that there’s no economic activity or employment locally. it would have done the local economy a real hand.

        2. It’s complicated, but the residents are against it, as only three nights were licensed, so they have a point. It’s just the Irish way, to not be overly concerned about rules.
          Garth says five or nothing. Our government are concerned because of the effect of the loss on the economy and there is talk about making new legislation to allow the five licenses!
          And Garth has sent a letter saying his heart is broken!! What a pantomime.

    1. A petulant cowboy throwing his toys out of the pram!
      He says it’s because he cannot disappoint 160,000 so it’s a no go for him unless all five are allowed!
      The economy will lose a fortune. Imagine the hotels and restaurants, planes, trains and buses with 400,000 booked and now no one.

  8. On behalf of all stupid Americans, I’m sorry. God Damn cowboys. Honestly, I’m surprised he knows Ireland is a country, cause where he’s from, America is the greatest and only country in the world, feck– that’s right I said feck, the rest of the world. If it even really exists… except to make stuff for us.
    But— Van Morrison is a total fecker too. (is fecker a word?) I still love his music.
    You can still love his music and know he’s an arse.

  9. as an Australian, I have to say I was so sad for you .. and as a country singer , i would of worked it out.. no way could i let anyone down.. Its not country .. It is not!!!!

    1. “Country” has changed in the US over the past several years. The powers that be have done their darndest to use country music to influence the masses. The biggest message they want to get out there is that America is the greatest and most wonderful, could do no wrong, always right, screw everybody else, country in the world.
      The sad part is, most of the people who go around touting our country’s superiority have never been anywhere else. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

    1. Mmmm how can I put this politely. It is a much softer way to say the more commonly used word ‘Fu*ker’, it is more polite and much more acceptable. It can be used to mean the person is a bit of a rogue, or someone who has really annoyed you.
      In Ireland we use it relatively often.
      It can also be used like ‘Ah feck’, which would be ‘Ah no’, but a lot stronger, but again much less than the more common, obscenity.

  10. Not commenting on Ireland; We used to have a great Western Dance Place that used to attract big names “Crazy Horse” on Dyer Road in Santa Ana near John Wayne Airport Orange County, CA. Believe there was a steak dinner named Garth Brooks steak. Could you and other Country Western Stars Bring back the old Crazy Horse on Dyer Road again? They do have the The Ranch in Anaheim, but most of the regulars from old Crazy Horse long for the ambiance of Old Crazy Horse on Dyer Road. It was a great Steak House as you know and had big name Country Western concerts such as 1999 calendar, Marty Stuart, Joe Diffie, Chris LeDoux, Montgomery Gentry. You were there one night when Restaurant was closed off, and unfortunately we didn’t get to see you. One night Buck Owens was there and the parking lot was covered with fans and he played non stop all evening. Eveyone agrees, nothing like the old Crazy Horse and was honored at CWA as best Western Dance Place ever.Remain your devoted fan; bt

  11. I just want Garth brooks to know personally from me!! Thank you for your words through song!! I lost my husband suddenly 3 weeks ago he was 37!! He loved your music!! So do I.. I used the dance in the picture video.. It just made since!! Thank you for ever writing that song.. From the bottom of my heart!!

  12. Mr Brooks I have a daughter who has breast cancer. She is going to your Saturday concert in Charleston. I know this is asking a lot but could you just mention her name sometime during your concert. Her name is Shelly Savage. Surprises and encouragement are greatly needed during this time in cancer patients lives. She is only 31 and hopefully has her whole life in front of her. She has always loved you and your songs and I would be forever in your debt.

    Thank you Dann Savage ( her father ). Ps. She bought a wig just for this concert but she doesn t need it. She is BEAUTIFUL even without it.

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