Happy Birthday Daniel.

Today Daniel is eighteen… even though in all our minds he remains forever thirteen. Today more than ever we try to imagine what changes the years would have brought for him? Looking at his friends we know he’d be taller, broader, stronger. In the eyes of the world, today he would become an adult. A world … More Happy Birthday Daniel.

My favourite five.

Recently my blog buddy Kate over on Kate takes 5 celebrated six years of blogging and, cough cough, one million views! Imagine that. To celebrate her achievement she’s compiled a listography featuring her favourite posts, which I’ve decided to join. Perhaps you might too? I’ve been blogging four years come this January. In that time … More My favourite five.

A pause to remember

Today Daniel should be getting his Junior Cert results along with thousands of others. He should be all excited about going out with his many friends tonight to celebrate. Today is another day Daniel is sorely missed. As the world spins and the days pass we continue to live, but never forget. Over texts today … More A pause to remember

Fight like a child.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Three years ago I was enjoying a carefree life with my friends, unaware that for one of them life was about to change forever. Her son Daniel, was 12 and just beginning his new life in secondary school. An amazingly talented sports fanatic, full of divilment and fun, a … More Fight like a child.

Where am I?

It’s the new year and we should be all fired up, filled with fresh enthusiasm. It is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Yet here I am struggling to write. This is no writers bloc, nor is it burn out. It is once again the failure of my fingers to co operate. Most … More Where am I?