Inspiration diaries August.

Over a year ago I attended a writing course aptly titled “The Inspiration Project,” the brainchild of Carmel Harrington, Hazel Gaynor and Catherine Ryan Howard. It changed forever how I think about myself as a writer, as well as giving me focus and belief in my writing project. My new years resolution this year was … More Inspiration diaries August.

Judging and Voting.

In two days time I will be going to the Irish Parenting Blog Awards. I am a finalist in four categories, but having been to awards before I am ready to come home empty handed, although I can’t promise I’ll not burst into tears. I have practised my Oscar ‘you won feck all’ face, and … More Judging and Voting.

Call to action!

I’ve always wanted to use that “Call to action” shout, as I’ve read it often as a blogging tip, it sounds so rebellion like. Anyway sorry to disappoint but there’s no rebellion beginning here and no one I want to rally the troops to fight, (well except you know who in my last post, but … More Call to action!

My writing update.

I know you are all mad anxious to find out how my creative writing course is going? It sounds so high brow doesn’t it, ‘creative writing’? As if I am some sort of apprentice booker prize author, when in reality I’m just one of many bloggers who enjoys writing. I do of course wonder what … More My writing update.

A new beginning.

I’ve been blogging two years now and have enjoyed every post I’ve ever written. In the past few months I’ve realised the direction I wish to go, which is not to be a commercially successful blogger,(as if it ever was)  but to write, and this weekend, Valentines Day to be precise, my first ever short … More A new beginning.

Thoughts on writing.

Do you ever wish there were no stats on wordpress, and no like button. Imagine just writing a post where your only feedback was comments. Where your popularity was a number you could only imagine. Would that change what you write? Maybe this is such a post?