My husband bores me!

Daily Prompt: ( YAWNΒ )

Am I the worst wife ever?
Is this post the beginning of the end for us?
Or is it healthy to be honest?

I realize that you fellow bloggers,
(and maybe even freshly pressed inspectors,
who have obviously never read anything I have written)
are reading this without knowing me.
In that case I can appreciate,
that at this point I may seem cold,
However please bear with me.

My husband and I met over twenty years ago,photo credit: <a href="">Darren Baldwin</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
and the attraction was instant.
A bit like two magnets,
who once in contact cannot be pulled apart.

Now the thing about instant attraction,
is that it generally is a result,
of opposites attracting!

Thankfully most of those differences,
are still the glue which keeps us together.
Except one.

So now we get to it.
We are poles apart in our views on finance.

My husband is an accountant,
and salivates at the thought of the two of us,
sitting together,
with nothing between us but our household accounts.

I on the other hand cannot,
even after drinking copious amounts of wine,
ever get excited,
or even act a tiny bit interested,
in household budgeting.

So as my husband of many years,photo credit: <a href="">saultakesphotos</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
my lifetime partner,
(up until this post)
tries his best to get me to sit down,
so we can discuss our family finances,
I zone out.

I try to nod at the correct times,
and look worriedly, or knowingly,
at our accounts.
I sometimes even interject,
with a remarkably apt observation.
However the truth is,
I am bored beyond measure.

The only questions I would wish to ask,
if in fact we ever got to question time are,
“Can we pay important bills?”,
“Are we broke?”,
“Have we enough to keep me in wine?”.

Instead we sit there together,
usually once a year,
when I fail to see the files coming,
and once a year,
my husband bores me beyond measure!

The time in between though is pretty enjoyable!

Written in response to the Daily Prompt (YAWN)

photo credit: saultakesphotos via photopin cc
photo credit: Darren Baldwin via photopin cc

37 thoughts on “My husband bores me!

  1. My husband enters the room and simply starts talking about business, politics or crooks. I try to look him in the eye as he goes on an on and I pray that there is no test at the end. He is looking for a warm body to talk at. Notice I said “at,” not with. The very things that attract us in the beginning are the things that ultimately drive us batty.

    1. So true, although even in the beginning he knew accounting did not do it for me, so he said he was a teacher!
      I am sure he too zones out many times throughout my conversations. I think its called marriage!

  2. Love the blend of humor and honesty – especially the appreciation that difference can be important glue in a relationship. And I really love your three questions: that’s the heart of it right there! You had me from start to finish – thanks so much for writing this. And PS I hope your dear husband has a gracious sense of his own attraction to accounting, so that he can likewise enjoy this!!!

    1. Thank you. And thanks a million for the comment. Thankfully my husband has a great sense of humor, even though he is an accountant, and as soon as I told him the prompt he guessed what I had written about.

  3. Welcome back tric. Great post. What you have described in the most common picture in every household….I think so, because it sounds too familiar to me. Jokes apart, it’s been recognized as a common phenomenon called “female financial paradox”, i.e. women are excellent in saving thousands by finding the best bargain prices, and sales (that men are not at all good at), and at the same time they show less interest in longer term financial big-picture (which involves crunching numbers from abstract). I am sure there will be lot more exceptions now-a-days. This paradox is probably because women were excluded from financial discussions by men for generations. I liked your three questions too.

    Have a good one!

  4. This happens to me too! Except it’s not about financing. lol.. My husband is big fanatic about football. I, too, get “bored beyond measure” when he tries to get me to watch a game on tv with him or when he tries to explain the basis of football. I can totally imagine you (as well as my self) making timely nod, concerned facial expressions, and making a remarkable observation on the topic at hand. lol.. But in a way, I’m sure they feel the same way when we talk about the things that we love and have a load of interest in and they aren’t. πŸ™‚ Having a lot of similarities in a relationship is nice, but it’s also nice to have your diferences too. It makes the relationship more fun. Or at least I think so anyways.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. In fact I think my husband zones out on a daily basis a lot more than than I do. I do love our differences at times though. I suppose after so many years even our rows are predictable.

    1. Duncan we had a super holiday. She was so happy all day every day. Every moment was planned and she proclaimed most moments to be the best ever! Each of us enjoyed it and as a family it is a lovely uniting thing to do, even though we were missing one. ( A lot more than she was missing us)
      So now back to blogging. I had a post all ready in my head but I couldn’t resist this one.:)

  5. Why not just say “Hey, I’m happy for you to sort the finances – doesn’t interest me”?

    In our household I do all that. My wife has absolutely no idea about money. She knows how to put the plastic card in the slot and press a few buttons and that is about all. If that doesn;t work she knows how to call me on the phone and ask why the thingy isn’t working…. I can then work some “black art” and magically the thingy works again! Voila! It’s almost the perfect system.

    1. I just wish this would work for me but my husband believes in total equality and thinks I should know all this. You would think that after twenty years he would have got fed up with my attitude, but no he hasn’t!
      I think the fact that he guessed what I would write when he heard the prompt says it all. He knows what I think but he will battle on regardless.

  6. Oh, how I feel your pain. Danny will sit down once every couple of days and list the bills…how much we owe and the payment we will be making. My only thought is…don’t talk about it…just do it! I’ve learned that when he sets bills on the table, it’s time for me to run to the bathroom with my Kindle and wait him out! This sometimes results in a horseshoe shaped mark on my butt but it’s worth the sacrifice!

  7. Ah, yes, I have missed you, dear friend! All’s right with the world again. πŸ™‚

    I could say that my husband is the one with the {yawn}, while I’m the one doing the talking…about anything. He doesn’t talk. I guess that makes us magnets, eh?

    As for the fellow who commented on women being bargain shoppers…I recently chuckled at the things I’d purchased because they were “on sale” – never mind that not one of the things was on my shopping list. Come to think of it, most were more along the lines of “things I won’t need ever – as long as I live – but look how much money I saved by buying them!” πŸ˜‰

    I try to avoid stores all together for that reason!


    1. I would definitely class your silent husband and a talkative you as a magnet attraction!
      I am not even good to buy in sales although I always come home with everything I buy and celebrate how much I saved, even though I must admit to bending the truth as the majority are not on sale.. πŸ™‚

  8. Glad to see you back, and hope you had a lovely time in Spain. I think that you are a lucky girl- I dream of PF taking care of the finances… I have to do it, and am no good at it. He just asks if me can afford this or that. Sometimes. Sigh.

    1. Yikes we would be a partnership made in hell if we got together! I do know I am lucky although as I say to him, “Do you advise me on medical matters?” As he clearly has no knowledge compared to me who is a qualified nurse, then why as an accountant does he not fully look after the accounts?
      Luckily I think I am in the clear until the usual post school/university panic in late September.

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