Are There Unofficial Rules for Blogging?

My blog is nearly six weeks old.

For months after a baby is born,
you refer to its age in weeks.
So maybe my husband has a point,
My blog is my new baby!

Well if that is the case,
As the parent of my new blog,
I have some queries and questions,
of those of you more experienced blog parents than I.

In the early days as I read other blogs,
I was amazed to see,small_4755036043
the number of people,
taking the time to write,
on every conceivable topic.
I felt like a child in a sweet shop,
whenever I knew I had free time,
to sit and read so many different posts.
Then if i wished,
I could press the “like” button.

After a while,
I began to absorb my new surroundings.
Some people had large followings,
some relatively small.
Some posted frequently,
others less so.

Then I noticed,
that some wrote amazing, interesting pieces,
and very few liked them.
Others wrote a
“see you later, too busy to blog” post,
and got seventy likes!

I ask myself,
“Was it their earlier work,
that drew in the crowds?”.
“Were they generous to others,
generating friends and followers,
through hard word and networking?”
Are there people “following” these blogs,
just to be seen to hang out with the “right” people?

So my first questions are:
Does the world of wordpress,
and blogging,
follow the same unofficial rules of school?small__6071911622

Make friends carefully.
Stay well in with the popular gang!
What do the majority do?
Am I naive by writing what I want,
and liking and following who I enjoy?

My next question is to all you Big Bloggers.
Do you really want to know if I visit?

Sometimes just by good luck,
I happen across one of these big blogs.
Some of them are so much more than mine.
Visually in some cases of travel, photographic and art blogs.
Or else containing amazing written content in others.
I am blown away by what I see and read.

They are not in my field but I love to visit them.

So my question is,
What should I do when I visit these very popular blogs?
Beautiful images, well written posts.
I love them.
However so do 350 others.
Is there any point in putting in another like?

In a writing blog,
I’m itching to comment.
Then I see 192 comments.
Maybe I’ll leave it and not disturb them any more.
Or worse,
If I comment they may think,
I’m just looking for notice!

Sometimes these big bloggers,
(that sounds so rude!)
“like” my post.
This brings me to their amazing blog,
with a gazillion followers.
I feel rude not letting them know I visited,
and that I was impressed.
However, as before, I ask myself,
“Do I add one more tiny like?”

I really would love to know the answers.small_3128889122
In the meantime,
I will continue,
to write what I want to,
and to “like”, “follow” and “comment” as I wish to.
Exactly as I did in school!

I was my own girl back then.
Age has not made me any smarter!

photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker via photopin cc

photo credit: SwaloPhoto via photopin cc

photo credit: ♪♫PSICO–MOD♪♫ via photopin cc

75 thoughts on “Are There Unofficial Rules for Blogging?

  1. You sound like me! I never know whether to like, share, follow or just read and enjoy. I am in awe of the big bloggers, but they are a tad intimidating and they make me feel like my tiny blog is largely inferior. Maybe one day we’ll be big bloggers too? In the meantime I continue to blog and share and like and enjoy and Iove every minute of it all!

    And for what it’s worth I think you are a great blogger – I enjoy your posts, always look forward to more, and appreciate that you take time to read and comment on the posts of a tiny blogger like me, so in my eyes you already are big blogger, and must be doing something right 🙂

    1. Wow, thanks a million. Us small bloggers must stick together. I hope I will always just write,like and follow as I do now.They are questions I do really wonder about though, Thanks for the comment too.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love this! I am a new blogger, too, and I think all of the exact same things! What’s point of just one more like by an unknown like me? I look at the amazing writing and insanely beautiful (paid) customized sites and I think, “Am I worthy of even being here?”. 😉

    But I view it the same way I viewed high school, as well. I did what I wanted, hung out with who I wanted, and was proud of who I was. Who was popular or things of that nature never concerned me then so why would they now? 😉

    I love the unique way that you write and that you seem incredibly funny and approachable…if a compliment from a “nobody” blogger like me means anything!

    1. It means the world to me. Thanks a mil! It really is a big pool we’re swimming in and sometimes a bit overwhelming. Maybe my teens will repeat themselves, and I’ll be “in” with the wrong crowd! How bad.

  3. I prefer the honest comments I get from other small bloggers. I sense there are people who “like” stuff without even reading it just to get themselves out there. My hanging with jesus post the other day was 1800 words and a person I think does this liked it almost instantaneously with my pressing publish. No way she read it.

    I only like something that I’ve read and truly like, which is almost everyhing I read from the blogs I follow it seems

    I have gotten a whole bunch of new followers though by liking and commenting on other posts though.

    1. Ye as time goes on you kind of know your followers. I love reading and giving my two pennys worth of my opinion to other blogs and most do visit again. I do that too. I’d always visit a visitor. And your Jesus post!!! Sweet Jesus! I’d to read it a couple of times to get the measure of it. Should have just liked it!

  4. Well I say if you like a post, why don’t just show you like it, no matter how big or small the blog or the blogger is! What does the size of the blog have to do with us liking something or not! I follow what I think is worth it and like whatever I really liked! I don’t know how big or small the blog is!!! 🙂

    1. I suppose a like is so special for me and when I see hundreds of likes, i cant imagine that person really caring anymore. But I do still press the like! thank you so much for the comment and your visits.

  5. I do like your post. I am also a relatively new blogger. I look at it as recreative hobby, particularly writing something good and worthwhile that may take me out of routine activities, and thus enable to unwind and rejuvenate. So to me, that’s the true value – regardless of number of “likes” or followers. It’s good to not to get involved in that rat race. Once the writing part is over, there is a good feeling of satisfaction….that’s what is important. All other perks don’t match or offer the same level of happiness. But that’s me, and everyone’s perspective can be different, i.e. for some bloggers, having more likes, increasing number of followers day-by-day, getting recommended for awards etc may mean a lot more than the value perceived and sought by some bloggers like me. Anyways! Thanks for a good post – as always!.Have a good one!

    1. Wise words as usual. I do love writing and no likes can make me as happy as I feel when I press “Publish”. Thanks for commenting. It has been great reading the comments as most are really saying “who cares, stop thinking, just enjoy!”.

      1. Thanks 1tric. I wonder if you have found out any link or details about the awards, the criteria for giving those awards, and also who can nominate (i.e. if I have not received any awards, can I still nominate? etc). I do have some bloggers in mind whose posts are often differentiating, and wonder if I can nominate their names (even though I have not received any award yet.) Thanks.

        1. You were one of the top of my list but I thought you had more than 200 followers which made you “too big for my awards.
          Maybe put out a post asking why you are not loved!!! Which I very much doubt as I think you are a super blogger. I’m so sorry I didn’t nominate you and just let you refuse if you wanted but I had no clue what an award even was at the time. As far as I know when you receive an award you nominate.

        2. 1tric. Your kind words do make me feel good (whether I desrve those or not is another matter). I think of three bloggers whose writing has always given me a new perspective (you are one of those three differentiating bloggers, and I do mean it!) and often cheered me up. I will go ahead and nominate once I figure out…..maybe for you, I hope to do it on or before St. Patrick’s Day, if I can 🙂 Thanks a lot!

        3. I know one of the bloggers made up a “Beautiful Mama” award off her own bat. Maybe you could do that! Not a beautiful mama of course! Thanks so much for the kind words too.

  6. I hear ya. I always wonder about liking or following a blog that has been Freshly Posted. Am I jjust umping on the bandwagon? If I don’t like it, I don’t ‘like’ it but when I do like it, I wonder. High school…here we come again!

      1. Hi. Thanks for both comments!! Ha ha. I dont often read the freshly pressed unless they really catch my eye, and also am sooo jealous of them all. I’ll have to always just do as I feel I suppose. So Like some and So not like others.

  7. I’ve been wondering the exact same questions! And if it means anything to you, your comments on my blog were extremely appreciated! I’m a blogging baby myself and I’m still amazing by every ‘like’ I receive. I’m also a little overwhelmed by the big bloggers. I don’t know if I’m flattered that they took the time or intimidated! In any case, I like your blogging and commenting style a lot. You write like a real person, not a social climber. It does not go unappreciated 🙂 Keep doin what you’re doin!

  8. I started my original blog 5 and a half years ago and then didn’t do it at all until last December when I started my new one. It seems like it was completely different waaaaaaaaaay back then 😉 Sometimes I want to like a post and then I think well…I guess they already know it was a good one becase 50,000 people already told them it was a good one. And then I think well….what if everybody else thought the same way. What if I find a post and only 6 people liked it and then no one else liked it because they were like I guess 6 seems like a sufficient number of likes. If 6 people like it then I don’t need to like it because that means it was good. So then no one else went on to like it even though a hundred more people might have read it and liked it but didn’t say they liked it because they all thought 6 seemed like enough. Have I lost you yet? If you are still reading up to this point I will get to MY point. I just *like* everything I read if I really truly do like it because I want to be supportive of other bloggers. Even if my vote is the one millionth vote I go for it. Maybe that particular blogger needs lots of likes and doesn’t feel they have written a good post if they don’t get one million votes. Maybe that day they are sitting at 999,999 likes on a post. If I then like it and they get a million, I have just made their day. And that, my friend, makes ME feel good. (I will now add a few more likes into this comment because clearly I have not said the word enough in the above narrative.)like like like like

    -Ramblings of a tired mommy

  9. I think the ‘Like’ button is one of the best things on WordPress. I can see by the viewing stats that some folk are visiting Madhatters but I have no way of knowing who they are unless they leave a comment or press the Like button.

    I view the Like button as a kind of calling card – an ‘I was here’ sort of thing – that allows me to identify that particular visitor and go read some of their blog.

    I have come across lots of interesting blogs by following up on folk who have clicked the Like button !

    I use the Like button myself to show someone I appreciated their post. If I can, I’ll leave a comment but a lot of the time I can’t. I read a lot of blogs when I shouldn’t (at work 😳 ) so it’s not always possible to write a comment (my office is open-plan so my screen is visible to anyone sat or walking past behind me) so i’ll click the Like button instead and perhaps return to add a comment later when I’m at home

    Re little vs big bloggers – I read some blogs where each post regularly attracts a huge number of comments. Whether or not I leave a comment myself depends on whether I have something to say about their post and how soon I land on their blog after the post went up. Owing to the furtive nature of much of my blog reading, I haven’t time to read too many comments. I don’t want to repeat what someone else has said before me because I’m not adding anything to the post by doing so and if there are already a large number of comments on a post I just don’t have the time to read through them all just to make sure no-one has already said what i had in mind to say. So, too many comments on a post already and I’ll just click the Like button, a few or moderate amount of comments and I’ll click the Like button and leave a comment

    For as much as I like the ‘Like’ button, I have noticed the same thing as you. I have come across some great bloggers and great posts with just a few ‘likes’ when they should have received many, many more. And then I come across some blogs (not mentioning any names 😆 ) where I can’t for the life of me understand why they have got 200-300 likes for a couple of sentences that really say nothing very much at all ?

    P.S. off now to check out Emily Anne’s blog, as per your recommendation 😆

    1. I’m always glad to see your calling cards and read your input.I love some days when I follow up a like and find a gem. Keep visiting!

  10. It is too hard to find all the questions you ask and answer them…but in general my opinion is that you seek out people with common interests as you (you like them, you follow them) and then they seek you out, and those are the people who matter if they “like” or follow you. It can take a long time to build a following but who cares? The important thing is to write from the heart. This is not facebook. I don’t care if I get 50 likes on a post if no one read it or was moved by it. There is a different medium for that. But others use blogging like FB, and they DO want all those likes and silly followers and they DO post nonsense or repost other works. I like to be original, and so far I like you, so I will follow you. But if you turn out to be like a typical FB…then I might not stay. But you should not care, this is your baby, not mine.

    1. Fair points. I dont do facebook but I do know the like is different there. Thanks for following and who knows you might stick with me, I’d be delighted if you did, but as you say if I’m not your cup of tea thats okay too! Checked you out too you secret blogger!

  11. To be honest, I never gave this too much thought. For me, if I enjoyed reading the post or if it stirred some emotions or if I enjoyed the photos in the post, I would go ahead to click the “like” button, without hesitation. I would think that no matter how “big” a blogger has become, he or she must have started small, and I would think that most would appreciate that affirmation. Also,at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the author of the blog thinks, just follow your heart and click away!

    Anyhow, I do enjoy reading your posts and I thought I should let you know that!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment.Its fascinating to read how some do ponder and others just do as they wish.
      I’ll definitely just do as I wish regardless of number of likes.

  12. Your thoughts on a page match up so well with my thoughts on this whole idea of why we blog. Once you get over trying to measure your worth in likes, you are freed up to express your ideas because they are yours, not because someone might take the time to hit the like button. True for blogging and even more true for living. Thank you for the reminder.

  13. yes there are rules! I feel just as you do, though, about the likes, etc. Personally I don’t mind if you don’t return a like. I just like because I, well, like. OR because you’ve liked me. If you never return a like, I probably will stop liking you though, even if I like you. Isn’t that odd.

    1. Thats human nature. I “like” and then try to go back to who I liked over a few posts, if I “like” again I usually follow. I don’t mind if people dont like me, as we all write differently. However since this post i press “like” even if they have a gazillion likes already, because I like!

  14. Great blog and thanks for following mine! I’m so new and have so few followers that I can personally thank each one! I don’t get all the “rules” yet and I have gotten some strange “likes” and “comments” almost made me rethink doing this… but I enjoy writing and happy to follow others I enjoy like yours. Cheers, Lisa

    1. I read your blog a week ago I think and then lost you. I’m new too so still get a kick out of a “like”. Enjoy your new site

  15. Wow, you nailed it. I began my blog in 2009. In 4 years I got 324 views! I began blogging two weeks ago and have had 202 views in that period of time. Who knows what changed!

    1. Wow that is a big difference. I am totally new and am regularly amazed when I see people who have been blogging for years. It’s a whole new world to me.

  16. I love this post, and have the same questions! When I write a blog post, it’s very personal and intimate, so I love to hear from anyone who actually read it, whether by liking or commenting on it. I can guess when i go to their blog whether they are simply “liking” every blog they find, or taking the time to read and comment based on a genuine interest.
    I love your blog, and it’s rare for me to find someone who writes so articulately, with humor, vulnerability and on topics I can relate to. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I have got a small bit smarter re other bloggers now, but I love to meet and share posts and comments with others, like yourself. Each new day is different.

  17. When I originally commented I seem to have clicked the -Notify me
    when new comments are added- checkbox and from
    now on every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with
    the exact same comment. There has to be an easy method
    you are able to remove me from that service? Thanks a lot!

    1. Oh dear! I think you have to go back into it from your end and cancel your email notifications from this blog. I cannot remember how to do it but it is a request from your computer to wordpress so I cannot undo it as far as I know. It might be under “blogs I follow” or notifications. Sorry about that.

    1. Great to see you here. I think there is a lot to learn as a new blogger to help you get your posts out there. I hope you are enjoying your experience as a blogger to date. Best wishes with it.

  18. You really clarified a lot of what I had noticed since I started blogging in August. I find myself drawn to bloggers who take the time to read and enjoy my posts. I devour many posts from my friends and delight at seeing them in them in my inbox. Many of my favorites are new, but I do connect with blogs of all vintage. Sincerity is really appealing, as well as a peek into people’s day. Thanks for writing this post.

    1. Yes I am a more personal blogger than a business one and greatly enjoy interaction and writing. I hope you continue to enjoy what you’re doing and you know where I am if you ever wonder about anything. I’m no expert but I’ll try.

  19. You have a lot of comments already. Should I? Shouldn’t I??? 🙂 Like you when there is a long list of comments I don’t see any point in adding my 2c worth but maybe bloggers really do read every single one.

  20. I’m sure you’ll get lots of advice, free stuff seems to be easy to get some times.

    If you are writing it had better be for yourself. If your writing doesn’t please you there isn’t much point. If you are interested in getting a great following posting often helps, following other blogs and commenting there helps, reply to all comments you get – basically be involved.

    Find things to write about, but try to write posts about stuff that you don’t have to agonize over, write what you feel strongly about. Take the time to proofread and try to keep it concise. More than 2000 characters and it’s tough to read. Short posts often get a lot of attention if you can use a pic and tie that into powerful words of your thoughts. Some of my most popular posts were quite short where longer ones not so much. Think things through, you don’t have to make 12 points in a post, just one but explain it well as you can.

    I thought I’d never get over 10 views per day ever. I kept writing because I’m doing it for me. I kept commenting because I like discussions. Now the numbers are much higher than I ever expected and I still enjoy writing my thoughts down and sharing them with anyone that might wander by.

    Yes, I do want to know you visited. The like is important if you liked it. Comments are great because it is the discussion that makes the post more worthy… in my view.

    Just put in the time, be involved with your blogs and others, write about what you’re passionate about. Be yourself!

    1. Wow you have a lot of great advice there. I completely agree. Your last lines in particular sum it all up. It takes time but if you’re passionate and yourself that will shine through.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and to comment.

  21. I am a new blogger as well. So much of what you have said, is what I have thought! I feel intimidated by the ‘big blogger’ as well and wasn’t sure whether or not to like or comment on their posts. However, I have decided now that I will just treat all the blogs the same and like and comment on the posts that I enjoy regardless of the amount of followers the blogger has.

  22. When I started blogging eight months ago I did not know where it will lead me. I just did one post a week and then my quotes five days a week. It was nothing spectacular. It started to be interesting when the interaction began. This is the secret as you can experience of your own comments and replies to your comments. The interaction makes us going deeper. The topics of your posts and the way you write are the door opener but with your comments you can make wonderful friendships. I would have never thought how I would love this. We are only connected by what we love and what we share. But since we are writing so freely I dare to say that we are more willing to show our core and therefor connect by heart!

  23. With eight million WP bloggers, and that number rises every day–it’s not possible to follow every one. Keep doing what you’re doing, finding and following what you like. I don’t follow a lot of blogs, not because I don’t like them, but rather–because, there’s not enough time to comment on every one. I feel obligated to make some effort to read favorite blogger’s posts–but, that’s just me. What are the rules? I’ve been doing this for two and a half years and am still figuring that one out. I’m still a “small” blogger, and as long as this is still “fun” for me–don’t really care whether I have a Mega-Blog or not.

  24. Really interesting post and equally interesting replies. Ironically too many for me to read all of them!
    I think your approach, to write what you like, ‘like’ whatever you like, and comment wherever you are inclined to is the most honest and best one to have.
    I see so many posts I like, and follow so many blogs that I wanted to see more from for whatever reason, that I now struggle to keep up with them all.
    Our posts tend to attract attention from those who found a common thread, and for me at least I like to explore that, so I always try to look at every ‘liker’ and follower, and not only that but I end up looking more at comments on their posts, ‘liking’ comments because I find something resonates, and find yet more stuff on their blogs too.
    I love this kind of connection building, working on common denominators aligned to thoughts or opinions.

    Personally I appreciate EVERY single like and comment I get. Truly. I just worry now that as, over time, my connections increase, I won’t be able to reply and follow up on every one in the same way I do now. Which is a shame because they lead me to such interesting posts and blogs elsewhere!

    Like this one, picked up from a blogger I follow from the comments.

    Keep posting and reading however suits you.

  25. If you like it, say so. If you want to comment, do so. If you want to leave it, you can. It’s fun to read about different or similar things, thoughts or experiences. It can be thought provoking, interesting, educational and emotional.
    Only rule I guess is to ENJOY. 😀

  26. My thought is that I like what I like, whether anyone else does or not. Conversely, even if EVERYONE else does, I’ll still click “like.”

    Many bloggers, even those with bigger followings, love comments. If there are 400 comments on the blog already, expect that it might take a bit of time for the blogger to respond to you personally, but most of them actually will respond. Don’t ever be afraid to join a conversation. Comment sections are some of the best places to meet people!

  27. Keep on being your own girl. My blog is only a few months old & I’ve noticed similar patterns with blogs that I read, but there are already a few bloggers that I engage with regularly, and some that have been very helpful & supportive. Read, like, comment – but most of all – comment. Most of the bloggers I’ve ‘met’ have been by commenting & by responding to comments left on my own posts

  28. I’m a “newbie” myself, Kiddo! An old to boot! I started at the end of September and still don’t know what the hell I’m doing!!! 🙂 This much I have learned, though: You’ll get “followers” who “follow you cuz they want YOU to follow them”, you’ll get “followers that are trying to sell you stuff” , you’ll get “true, honest to goodness, actually like and read your posts followers” that will leave honest comments that you can use and honestly appreciate and then you’ve got “professionals in your field that actually like your posts, read your posts and sincerely comment on your post” – I don’t have many followers, but they’re “true blue” and talented authors, so I’m quite humbled by their “follows”, cuz they don’t “follow”, just “to follow”, if you know what I mean. Use your blog, Sweetie, to make YOU feel happy! Have FUN!!!! I still haven’t figured out how to add pictures, etc. etc., but I’m having fun!!! 🙂 Good luck, Sweetie! 🙂

  29. Point well taken. It can be a kind of popularity contest, but there are so many good writers and friendly people in the blogosphere, so it’s well worth it. Welcome!

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