All grown up and still trying to impress my mom.

Am I lazy, or is my mother a workaholic?
My mum is in her 80s and never stops.
She lives in Dublin over 200 km from mesmall_3128889122so I ring her most mornings.
This is usually how it goes.

“Oh hi Tric,
Wait a minute until I turn the oven off.
I just made a few scones,
and some soup, and a chicken pie,
as Michael is coming for lunch”.

Now all that is some amount of work,
but I ring her at 9am!
She will also have the house spick and span by then.
As I am on the phone to her,
I gaze around my bomb blitzed kitchen in despair.
Then I walk into another room,
so I can talk to her without major depression setting in.

I never got her tidy credit: david__jones via photopin cc
I barely got the clean up one.
As for cooking and preparing meals,
missed that one too!

She said to me a few weeks ago,
that she was worried all was not right with her.
She said “I go for a walk and just as I am nearly home,
I am exhausted”.
You may at this point be picturing a little old lady,
tottering up the road,
stopping at times for a rest.
Wrong! The walk she does is a few miles,
and the last bit when she feels tired,
is up a steep hill!
She was not impressed when I said her illness was her age.

I am going up to see her for a couple of days next week.
I am so looking forward to it.
However she is then returning here for a few days.
So we are in the process of preparing for the Royal visit.

Picture the scene.

Rooms to be tidied and cleaned.
Windows sparking ( she has a real thing for clean windows)
Floors washed ( her kitchen floor is the most swept floor I know)
Garden transformed. ( She is an amazing gardener).photo credit: <a href="">heymarchetti</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
Every member of the family will be involved.
I only have to say, “Lads, Mum is coming next week”,
and they all know what needs to be done.

When she comes I can then let on,
that this is exactly how I always have the house and gardens.
Whilst she is here I will try to keep it all nice.
My family will equally change their ways.
Clothes will not be dumped where ever they are cast off.
Plates and cups will be returned to the kitchen,
(it would be a miracle if they made the dishwasher)
and shoes, bags and everything else will return to clean bedrooms.
We will live in the perfect house.

For the three days my mum visits.
After which everything slips once more,
and the true nature of this family reveals itself.
Definitely lacking the tidy gene.

photo credit: david__jones via photopin cc
photo credit: heymarchetti via photopin cc

32 thoughts on “All grown up and still trying to impress my mom.

  1. So true that we tend to slip back into the roles we’ve always had, no matter how old we are. No reason to measure yourself up against her though, we each get through life and spend our time in our own way. I tend to only clean when I have planned company coming, just not my way otherwise )

    1. She is a power house of activity and flies through housework. I on the other hand fly through everything, except housework and ironing. It is lovely though to have the house gleaming and to see it through her eyes.

  2. or perhaps you can leave things as they are because then she can swoop in and organise it and have an awesome sense of accomplishment………and remind you of it forever…..gulp….nope, forget that, start cleaning now – in fact – hire some help, quickly!!!!

    1. ha ha ha. This is so true. When I was younger and my kids were small, she so wanted to come and visit and help me. If only she knew the work my husband did before she arrived and she still had lots to do when she came!

  3. That sink looks just like mine. We have the same problem here when we have visitors- PF gets his boxers in a twist every time, whereas I go for a “take us as we are or take a running jump” approach. PS: Great bloggers think alike….- my next post is nearly finished and it’s along the same lines!

    1. Looking forward to reading yours. I don’t fuss for anyone only my mum. Especially as she keeps our family home so beautifully,

  4. I love this! I’m with my mother right now, and we’re actually quite similar, but I like things a bit more neat and clean than she does! Your mom sounds wonderful.

  5. My mom and I have had a challenging relationship..but things are going well. I got her interested in snapping pictures – distraction has always worked with my daughter -haha. She doesn’t hardly notice my undone chores anymore. 🙂

  6. So I usually spend a SOLID two days cleaning like a crazy woman when momma comes to town… I really have no idea why as she isn’t much of a housekeeper herself. But this time she let me know the night before that she would be in town the NEXT DAY. Say WHAT?! We did a very quick turbo clean and then ran out of time. So the first thing I did when she walked through the door was shove a big glass of chardonnay into her hand and encouraged her to drink up. I’m pretty sure the wine made her head fuzzy enough that she never noticed I hadn’t mopped. 🙂

    1. My mum reared a family who are born to enjoy a drink and a very good night but sadly she herself does not really drink. Maybe I could just pour myself a vino and then I wouldn’t notice the mess!

  7. What is it with mums and clean windows? My mum is obsessed with clean windows.

    In her 80’s? Jesus, how does she do it? Amazing woman. Fair play to her.

    Those windows better be sparking when she arrives. 😀

    1. We have begun to remove all window scum starting today. Should be good by Tuesday! My mum is like the Duracell battery bunny. She outlasts everyone else!

  8. I think every once in awhile I would say “lads, mum is coming next week”. After the house has been straightened up a bit make some apologies that mum had to cancel her trip. 😉

  9. Yes I agree with Chatter Master there. As soon as my kids are old enough to help cleaning – something other than thier colouring or Some of their clothes with mucho haranging) I will use this strategy. Your mother sounds great!!

    1. Thanks she is. I thought I’d have less to do as my kids got older. How foolish of me. It sounds like a great clean up strategy though. At the moment I use “okay either you clean away all your stuff or I’m coming with a black bag!”.

  10. We threatened to have “Just puttering” engraved on my mom’s tombstone (when she was still with us). That’s what she did, from “can see to can’t see.” I didn’t get that gene either. I have no idea how she did so much with just 24 hours in a day…maybe that’s it. Do you suppose that somehow they managed to be allotted a 36 hour day instead of our measly 24?

    Ah. I feel better now! 😉


  11. My mum passed on the clean gene to me but not my sister. Mum and I often speak of the fact that she seems happy and probably stresses less than us two do. The 10 second rule doesn’t apply at my sister’s place though.

    1. Lol. My sister also got it from my mum. The two of them are great for spending a morning cleaning. Both of them also clean when they get stressed. If your sister is like me she definitely does not get as stressed about cleaning as you two do. Unless of course you are coming to visit!

  12. Just started following you and reading some past posts. At the risk of sounding like an advert, I recommend a) for her system of housekeeping (easy, simple and fun, so it actually works for those of us who are NOT ‘Born Organised.’ and also b) her Purple Rags. They clean everything with JUST WATER – I did my whole darn kitchen with one, including grease off the cooker. And then went on to do the patio windows WITH THE SAME CLOTH and they sparkled with one swipe. I have no idea what those darn things are made of but my goodness they work.

    1. Ha ha you do sound like an advert, but a very effective one. I will definitely look them up. Thanks and nice to see you visiting.

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