Freshly Impressed #2

Forget about Freshly Pressed, Stand by for another edition of “Freshly Impressed”. This is a regular post, where I share with you whatever it was, that caught my attention on wordpress This week because I have only returned from holiday, I will be giving you my “Freshly Impressed”. from the large amount of posts, which … More Freshly Impressed #2

I have learned to mind my own blogging business.

I became a blogger four months ago. What excitement. That word “publish” made me feel like a writer. The writing was all I thought about. “My thoughts on a page”. The posts came easy to me. My daily fix. Addiction followed and remains. However blogging got complicated. I got stars and follows, comments and feedback. … More I have learned to mind my own blogging business.

A parents wish.

Today I did not know what I would be posting. I tried funny… it wasn’t, I tried serious… boring. I thought informative… yawn. Then I read a comment on facebook. It was from my brother. And then I knew what I wanted to say. Last year my brother sent me a CD. He had compiled … More A parents wish.