Hint hint!

Here we go. Once again a shameless post begging asking for a nomination in the Irish Blog Awards. Last year I was a new blogger, having only been blogging for five months when these awards came up. I was blown away to make it to the finals, but waaaah I didn’t win. Thankfully time heals, … More Hint hint!

Freshly Impressed #3

Once again it is time to share with you, those who “Freshly Impressed” me this week. I am sure most of you reading, have been missed yet again, by the Freshly Pressed brigade. Except my blogging buddy, Don of all trades, who got himself selected, for his post, “an open letter to the Jane q. … More Freshly Impressed #3

How lucky am I?

Do you ever begin to write a post, and another thought takes over? No matter how hard you try, to continue, you have to abandon what you are writing, and listen to your inner voice. Well today on two occasions, I began to write, only to be hijacked by this inner voice. I wanted to … More How lucky am I?