Warning! This May Make You Laugh Out Loud, Or Offend You.

chinese whispers I have a secret
chinese whispers I have a secret (Photo credit: IvanWalsh.com) 

A few friends and myself go away regularly for one night. After a very short period of adjustment, we are transformed into giddy soulmates, who have shared the ups and downs of our lives, for many years. All manner of things are discussed and commented on over the 24 hours.

However one conversation that will live with me forever, is one we had one morning over breakfast.

The previous night we had bought tickets for the Lotto. It was a night with a big jackpot, so the girls began to ponder what they would do if they had won it.

After a lot of the Lotto money was spent, one said “I’d like a boob job”.
This caused a great stir and much amusement.

However one of the girls was quite taken aback.
She was visibly shocked.
She said she couldn’t believe it.
I immediately realized that she had miss heard what was said.
If you replace the word “boob” job” with “How You Inflate a balloon” job, well you can see where this is going!

The conversation continued.

“I can’t believe you would want one”
“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Oh my God, and you’d pay for it”
“ye I’ve won the Lotto, I have the money”

“How much would you pay?”
“A few thousand”

“A few thousand! I can’t believe you”.
“Well I’ve always thought about it, and now I’m older I need one more than ever”

“Are you for real”?
“Ye, I’ve wanted one for years”

“Who would you go to?”
“I don’t know, I’d have to do some research”

At this moment I could take it no longer.I had to come clean.
“Sorry” I said, “but I think you misheard what she said. What was actually said was, she would like a “boob” job not a “what you do to a balloon”job!”

Much laughing followed. And clarification that it was definitely a “boob” job she was referring to!

I never thought changing one word could keep me amused for so long!
How easily a misunderstanding can occur.
It reminded me of “Chinese Whispers”, but spoken aloud.

11 thoughts on “Warning! This May Make You Laugh Out Loud, Or Offend You.

  1. I could use more hands rather than a boob job. Ha ha ha ha! I wonder… is this why they call some not-too-bright man a “boob?”

    1. I have no idea! I am unsure what I would want but think I would spend it on something other than cosmetic surgery. Instead of more hands, maybe I’d get help, so less for me to do. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Omg. I read your comment and thought oh no I have a typo in the post, or feck it, another example of lost in translation. Then I calmed down and thought, DON! I might actually kill you if I knew you. Its like my brother on my facebook blog page adding his own unique comments!

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