What is it for you?

What is it that inspires you to write a post or story? Is it a moment felt, or a thought that overwhelms? Leaving us no choice but to abandon everything, to tap on the keyboard, or put pen to paper? Is it words spoken by someone else, which cannot go unanswered? So much easier to … More What is it for you?

A parents wish.

Today I did not know what I would be posting. I tried funny… it wasn’t, I tried serious… boring. I thought informative… yawn. Then I read a comment on facebook. It was from my brother. And then I knew what I wanted to say. Last year my brother sent me a CD. He had compiled … More A parents wish.

It’s a miracle!

When I was a student nurse, I worked in a childrens hospital, as part of my training. It was here I learned a lot about dealing with children, from an amazing lady who would never have any of her own. The hospital was in inner city Dublin. It was surrounded by flats, which were inhabited … More It’s a miracle!