Can you describe parenting in one word?

It’s been a strange week. The reality of three children leaving home at the same time is dawning. It’s not all bad I can assure you. I’m already beginning to take more than a little delight in the quietness, lack of laundry, the joy of no ‘stuff’ strewn about the hall and the amount of … More Can you describe parenting in one word?

Empty nest.

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one. Today my eldest, my firstborn left the nest. There is silence about her going, as we all come to terms with the empty space she has left. Today I cannot help but grieve. Twenty one years ago, I began … More Empty nest.

Women Are Right?

When I was a child, my greatest wish, was to be a boy. I would not wear dresses or skirts, and liked nothing better, than to go climbing or play football with the boys. As the years went by, I did grow into my female self, and liked what it offered me. However I always … More Women Are Right?