There I am in the paper #75

Here’s another of my columns on the Irish Examiner’s Feelgood. Maybe not the best parenting advice but it worked for me. I like to call it rage and revenge. Last Saturday I woke in a good mood. Not having to leap out of bed for any early morning reason meant I could lie there a … More There I am in the paper #75

Are we witnessing the murder of young minds through education?

Each week I oversee hundreds of children as they learn to swim. As the years have passed I have learned to see more than just a young swimmer. I see the quiet child, who struggles in the busy pool. The exuberant child, who bounds out with the biggest smile. The child who likes their own … More Are we witnessing the murder of young minds through education?

Explain that!

I have occasionally pondered whilst listening to the radio, what I would do if I saw lipstick on my husbands collar, or began to suspect he was up to no good? I have listened to these tales of deceit and wondered. How could you miss the signs for so long? How could you not suspect … More Explain that!

It’s a miracle!

When I was a student nurse, I worked in a childrens hospital, as part of my training. It was here I learned a lot about dealing with children, from an amazing lady who would never have any of her own. The hospital was in inner city Dublin. It was surrounded by flats, which were inhabited … More It’s a miracle!