Freshly Impressed #6

It’s that time again.
Time to give a shout out,Freshly Impressed
to all those posts,
which “Freshly Impressed” me.

For those of you who do not follow my blog,
this is my way of highlighting other blogs,
which you may not have read before.
A way of sharing posts I have enjoyed,
without having to give out an Award,
which makes for a lot of work.

First on my list is a wow.
It is a post written on September 10th,
the night before September 11th.
Mocha is an ex soldier,
and his post is called,
“The boys from September 10th”
It is a really haunting short post,
on his blog “live until”.
Well worth checking out.

It begins,
I was a Marine asleep in 29 palms, California while my city, my home, was under attack. A boy, a Marine sleeping, while people were dying.

Next on my list is a post,
on the blog “lessons from my daughter”.
It is written by the mother of Emily,
who has Cri Du Chat syndrome.
Her post is called,
“Segregation, or association of like minded people”.
The title says it all,
and I think it is a very interesting read.

It begins,
In a high school cafeteria.

Why is it that a table of football players is just that! A table of guys who play football together, they share a hobby which makes them spend time together so at lunch they sit together.

Lastly I will finish with humor.
Beth over at “I didn’t have my glasses on”,
wrote a post about her kindergarten class,
on a short outing.
It made me laugh out loud,
on a day I really needed a laugh.
Her post is called,
“no bird in this bush”

It begins,
In full-day kindergarten, every day is truly a treasure trove of wonder.

So once again,
I hope you all enjoy these posts.

As always,
I credit Duncan over on Madhatters,
with my “Freshly Impressed” logo.
I am sure my chosen blogs,
are suitably “impressed” by it!

Finally a big “Thank you so much”,
to each and every one of you,
who read and commented here all week.
I have really felt your support,
and been strengthened by it.
Your kind thoughts,
and offers of prayer,
have been relayed to my friend.

Until next time,
keep writing,
and I will keep reading.

9 thoughts on “Freshly Impressed #6

    1. Your welcome. I had a problem with the post not appearing in topics but wordpress are to get back to me! Our little warrior is still hanging in there. I don’t know how he has the heart to battle so much but thankfully he does and is still hanging in there.

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