We have not forgotten.

Anniversaries. We all mark them. We say, ‘One week ago today’, or ‘This day last month’. Our birthdays, wedding anniversaries and memorable occasions. Today is October 7th. To some of you it is a Tuesday of little importance. To others it is an anniversary, a special day.small_3845971398

Today October 7th is a significant anniversary in one families life I know. This day last year their young boy became unwell. Today marks the very last day young Ben, aged just six years, spent any time in his own home. The last day he went to school, spent time with his Mom, Dad and sister, or cuddled up in his Mom and Dads bed.

I have written about this remarkable little boy and family before here, but today I just wanted his family to know, I and many more have not forgotten Ben. With days of anniversaries ahead, as they relive those dreadful final few days, I would like them to know that they are in my thoughts, and I know those of you reading here tonight will join me in wishing them strength and healing in the endless days and years ahead.

Codladh Sámh Ben. Your Dads buddy, your sisters best friend, your Moms baby boy. your baby sisters guardian angel, and to those to whom you donated your organs an unintentional hero.

photo credit: Werner Kunz via photopin cc

13 thoughts on “We have not forgotten.

  1. Thank you for reminding me. It was beautiful. October 1st was my day of remembrance, my mom, cancer finally killed her on that day two years ago. I am still angry, but your writings and remembrances are helping me to get on a better plane.

  2. I am sorry about your Mom. Death is so very final, and difficult to get our heads around. My Dad died 27 years ago today. I am still angry, inside.
    I am glad you get some comfort from what I write, that means a lot to me. Thanks

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