Whoops I forgot I’m still a mother.

It is a well known fact that when you have children you change. There is no denying it. We may all think that we will be young dynamic parents, who will always remember just how boring new parents are, and then we have a baby and we change.

For the next many many years we live a life which revolves around our children. Sleeping in particular is an all consuming occupation. Will our baby sleep the night? Will it wake and go back to sleep easily? Will it decide the morning has arrived when in reality we know it is still night in our adult world?photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/pedroklien/2853811359/">Pedro Klien</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/">cc</a>

As a result nights out are rare and not always something we look forward to as we are in a perpetual state of exhaustion.

Thankfully time marches on and despite many years of parenting the time comes when we see light at the end of the tunnel. It begins as a faint light, the children begin to go to sleep when they are put to bed. Then we have the occasional full night sleep, which strangely causes us to be even more exhausted than usual. Eventually not only do they go to bed and sleep all night, but they begin to sleep until it is really morning.

And lo and behold the day comes when you begin to take a nights sleep for granted. It is definitely around this time we parents begin to move to a different level.

At last we can get a babysitter and go out. Slowly we begin to plan nights out. We rekindle old friendships or make new ones. We rediscover our partners and after many years of exhaustion we remember what it feels like to live a life not dominated by our desire to go to bed.

I have thankfully left the sleepless nights of early years parenting in the past. In the last few years I have begun to really enjoy a new life, outside of my children. I can plan to do things and have older children who can step in to mind the younger ones.

So yesterday when my husband told me he was off to Dublin did I want to come with him I jumped at it. The plan was that I could travel up with him and we would stay with my Mom. It’s been a while since I visited her and within minutes I was so looking forward to it. My husband would then go to his meeting the next day, while my Mom and I caught up on life over a million cups of tea.

I broke the news to my kids who were horrified we were not taking them. There were a few minor details, like having the younger one minded for a couple of hours until the older one was home from school, but that was easily sorted.

As we sat around the dinner table yesterday we were all talk about the trip. My eldest daughter had also told us that she too was traveling to Dublin with work. We laughed at the coincidence of it all, that three of us would all be in Dublin on the same night.

I rang my Mom and she was delighted. Within minutes she had told my brother who was wondering if he could get over to see us too while we were up. It was all coming together nicely.small_2678310549

Until bed time. It was as my youngest put on her pyjamas that it hit me. I would be in Dublin. My husband would be in Dublin. My eldest daughter would be in Dublin, and my son was away at college.

That would mean my two youngest were home alone, at night!

It looks like I had got a little too carried away by my new life. Even though my children are growing up it looks like I still have a lot of years parenting ahead of me.  With a heavy heart I rang my mother, changed my plans and today waved my husband off, wailing inwardly as I outwardly smiled.

However don’t feel too sorry for me, because next week I’m dumping the lot of them.  Dublin, as a single me, here I come!

18 thoughts on “Whoops I forgot I’m still a mother.

  1. I was waiting for the part where we just get comfortable and then they learn to drive. Mine had a curfew, but it was always long past my bedtime. So I sat up pretending I wasn’t waiting. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yes I so agree. As they get older we end up staying awake all over again. I’m not sure which was harder when they were babies or late teens.
      I’m looking forward to my night away next week, sometimes it’s nice not to be a mother!

    1. A very sobering slap it was too, although on another level it made me laugh. I am looking forward to heading away for a night though.

  2. aw,this is kind of bittersweet and isn’t it funny how you fell into it so easily? you were just so excited and caught up in all of it, i’m sure, but look forward to your dublin ‘single experience’ and make the most of every minute )

  3. I’m in the sleep deprived stage of early parenthood. Even though lack of sleep is killing me,I’m being careful to enjoy this part as it will never come again!

    1. Yes Aedín it doesn’t last forever, but then I’m sure you are delighted to know that! There are pros and cons for all ages, but being able to pack up and ship out alone next week is a definite pro.

  4. I can’t help but laugh a little. I still make plans that STILL get changed by my kids needing me. And they are both grown (?) with their own homes. 🙂 But it’s one of those parenting things that you never want to have completely stop.

    Dublin next week. You know, I’m jealous, whether you’re home or in Dublin. Because wherever you are…..you are there. 😉

    1. I totally get you. It is a pain to have to stay but lovely to still have two younger children.
      Haha, I must do a photo blog of my Dublin trip and Ireland in general, just to upset you!

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