There I am in the paper #52

Here you go my piece in the Feelgood with the Irish Examiner last week. Bear in mind it was immediately after Valentines Day. Enjoy. The best thing about Valentine’s day is that it ended two days ago. The unfortunate thing about it, is that it happened at all. However, now that it’s over can we … More There I am in the paper #52

Love everlasting

Just a quick post tonight, but it’s a real treat. Please listen to this. It’s a beautiful song written and performed by Jess. The song is called Christmas’79. It is songwriting and singing at it’s best. Why you may wonder am I asking you to watch a random singer/songwriter? Well I’m not. This is Jess, … More Love everlasting

What is love?

“Until death us do part” I well remember saying this twenty three years ago. As I placed a wedding ring on my husbands finger, I said those words with feeling. Looking at him that day, I had no doubt that nothing or no one would come between us. We were for keeps. I loved him … More What is love?

Loves first kiss.

What age did you have your first kiss? Was it love or anything but? I was reading a post recently about a first kiss. (I have tried and failed to find the blog to credit), and since then I have found myself reminiscing. I was a young eleven year old, when playing hide and seek … More Loves first kiss.

Testing Love!

I was pretty sure my husband loved our daughter, when I saw his face the first time he saw her. When he “showed her off” to friends and family. When he watched her take her first steps. When he hugged her tight. I could see he loved her, as he took her on her maiden … More Testing Love!