He loves me. He loves me not?

This year I’m married 25 years. After all that time how can you be sure you are still much loved and not just a convenient friend who is always there? Well the other day I put our 25 year marriage to the test.

Let me tell you the story.

Last Tuesday at 6.30 pm I was running late for work. Spinning around, getting nowhere I used the last of my oxygen to hurry my daughter along, while blaming her, unfairly, for our delay. In the midst of my haste, himself arrived home and, always on the ball, he observed, “You’re a bit late this evening”. Ignoring his brilliance, I reached up to give him a very quick and unloving peck, missing his cheek completely, before running out to my car.

‘Feck, we’re mad late’, I announced to my daughter as I reversed at 100 mph out the drive.


Yes, an eardrum bursting bang, brought my racing reverse, to a whiplash inducing halt.


We looked at each other and for a moment I sat there bewildered. Why were we stopped? That moment quickly passed as memories flooded back,  Oh no, yer man was home, which meant…his car was in the drive!


I looked in the mirror (remember those early driving instructions to check your rear mirror? Yeah? Well this is why) and there taking up the entire rear view mirror was a car. Not just any car though, this was a Passat, the one much loved by my husband.

I got out hoping that as I’d only travelled a few yards it wouldn’t be too bad? Well all I can say is that car must be made of paper! An enormous dent was visible above the back wheel. (Did I mention it was the side of his car I hit? The drivers side. The side you look at most often?)

With a sinking heart I made my way slowly, to the confessional. Himself was in the kitchen and I noted with alarm that there were no witnesses. The memory of how forgiving (not) he had been when the car had reversed down a hill unoccupied, (due to the fact I’d forgotten to put on the handbrake), came to mind. What would he think of this?

Normally I’m a brave, don’t mess with me, sort of girl but the trauma of my collision must have got to me. I couldn’t stop thinking of how gutted he would be when he heard what I’d done, not to mention what he’d think when he saw the damage. How could I tell him? How could I break it to him?

‘I’ve banged into your car and made mush of it’, I blurted out. (Us Dubs are straight talkers).

It was then it happened. Probably the sweetest moment in the past 30 years of our life together. Himself looked at me a little stunned for a moment. Stepping forward he put out his arms and hugged me tight. Reeling at his unexpected kindness and forgiveness I was a little overcome.

It was then I heard him say those magic words…

‘It’s only a car’.

photo credit: He Loves Me via photopin (license)



54 thoughts on “He loves me. He loves me not?

  1. Definitely a keeper! What a sweet thing to say and do. You’re one lucky lady!

    My ex…guess he’s ex for a reason…jumped out of the car when we were in an accident and cried “my car, my car”. It wasn’t until someone came over to him and asked if his passenger was okay that he remembered he had a pregnant wife in the car!

    1. Oh dear Corina, think the ex part is understandable. Mind you my OH loves his car and normally would not have been quite so forgiving. I think I’ve worn him down over the years.:)

  2. Wonderful. Glad nobody but the Passat was hurt. I can see myself in that same predicament, and I think Mr. Stuck would react much the same, thank goodness.

    1. Thank you. I’d not have put any money on my OH’s reaction prior to this happening. He really does have a soft spot for his car and going on previous experiences I had my doubts.
      Sounds like Mr Stuck is a keeper.

    1. You’re right it was most thoughtless of him.
      I just wish he’d get it fixed as I hate looking at it, not to mention putting up with the many comments as I leave. “Have you enough room there to get out” “Will I move my car?” “Check your mirror” 🙂

      1. Lol! My husband was driving my car and apparently a pigeon flew into the wing mirror and knocked the cover off. Must have been a bloody big pigeon! Everyone asks ME what happened. Grrr…

        1. Oh no, that is part of what is killing me. I’m a better driver than him (in my opinion) but with a big bang on his car created by me I’m not going to convince anyone am I? Feck.

  3. That’s a good man you’ve got there. He’s absolutely right. It’s just a car. Glad that you were okay. Plus, not that you’ve told me how easily damageable a Passat can be, I’m very happy that I recently – barely backed out of buying one. I love your straightforwardness too, by the way. Wish more people were like that.

      1. I’ve always wished that people would just speak truth instead of beating around the bush or sugar coating things. I think that would make life so much easier. So good for you for being one of those rare few who actually do that.

  4. Was it the panic look on your face, the crocodile tears in your eyes or the tremble in your voice that caused such a reaction from OH? Or…were you into the wine a bit and hallucinating?! 😂 seriously though, that was a sweet reaction from him. Yup. A keeper!

  5. I guess he could tell you’d already beaten yourself up about it. He loves you, that’s for sure. Either that or he’s playing his cards right for when he makes a major boo-boo 🙂
    Either way that was a very sweet story.

    1. Thanks glad you enjoyed it. It took me a week to be able to see the humour in it. He’s certainly gained a few brownie points for when he messes up. I hope I remember. 🙂

  6. His reaction was priceless !!!! He turned what could have been a bad moment into an endearing moment that you will treasure the rest of your life. What example for all of men to follow. Thanks for sharing that. We don’t see enough of that kind of love in marriage anymore.

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