‘Til death us do part’


My mom rarely reads my blog, but regardless today I would like to write a special post for her, and for my Dad.
Today is their fifty ninth wedding anniversary.

In our house there are many photos of our Mom and Dad. However there is one in particular which for me sums up the life they shared. It is a photo taken over sixty years ago in London, of a very young looking man, yet to become my Dad, and a strikingly beautiful young woman. As I looked at that photo as a child, I formed a clear opinion of what I thought true love looked like.

Today as I remembered their anniversary I was travelling home from holidays with my own family. As I looked at my husband I thought about my Mom and Dad and all the special days they had shared over the years. The early days they spent together in London, their journey home to Ireland with their first baby, and the subsequent births of four more children.

I remember the many happy days of our childhood. The holidays we spent in Donegal, and all the fun times we shared as a family. Together my Mom and Dad were a wonderful team, a real partnership.photo credit: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/leo-gruebler/6347903993/">LeonArts.at</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/">cc</a>

Before their happy ever after was taken from them.

It is indeed sad to think how long they have lived without each other, but today is not a day to reflect on that. Today is a special day. A reminder of the day they said “I do”.

As they spoke their vows that day I can imagine the happiness they share. Β The excitement of the prospect of their future together. My mom is not the most serious of characters, but I can imagine her sincerity as she spoke her wedding vows that day.

However on reflection I now believe, that there is one vow I know my mother did not keep, and anyone who knows her will readily agree with me.

‘Til death us do part’.

For even though death did indeed part them way before their time, my mother has remained my fathers wife, his beautiful bride of fifty nine years.

So Mum, today as memories of that most special of days sweep over you, as they surely must have done, Β I remind you of the words of the song you first danced to as man and wife,

‘Cos I’ll always love you
Wherever you go
And though we are parted
I want you to know

That if things go wrong, dear
And fate is unkind
Look over your shoulder
I’m walking behind

Because I have no doubt that Dad did not keep that vow either, and he too continues to be your husband, who loves you still.

Hi everyone. Yes I’m back from holidays. We came home late last night and I raced to post this, as yesterday was my Mom and Dads anniversary. However it was not to be as my computer crashed and I missed the midnight deadline. Ah well “Better late than never”.

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad. xxx

photo credit: LeonArts.at via photopin cc

29 thoughts on “‘Til death us do part’

    1. Thanks. It’s not easy celebrating a wedding without a partner but I think it’s important to remember. Glad you enjoyed it.

  1. This is beautiful, Tric. Hugs to your mum on her special day. I have a photo of Mike that he wrote on the back “Look beside you…I will always be there” and I believe he is. He is still very much my husband and I his wife.
    And, so very glad you are back! We missed you!!

  2. how beautiful tric, they sound like they had, and continue to have on a whole other level, such wonderful love between them, and happy you are safely home once again )

    1. Thanks Beth. It’s quite good to be home although it was a great break too. Will be over shortly to see what you’ve been up to!

  3. Happy anniversary to your parents! I loved the poem. And that they have remained together all these years, even though he resides in a different place.

    Welcome home!

    1. Ha ha, you big softie. I knew you’d miss me! Just posted something a little lighter to hopefully make you smile. πŸ™‚

    1. I never tell her when I write about her. She always tell me never to mention her… Gulp! But I would like to think she would appreciate it and enjoy it.

  4. I too am thinking these same thoughts, as the day my parents are married 56 years is coming in just over 3 weeks. And my father stayed ’till death do us part’ until May 5, 2004. My mother joined him once again, October 1, 2012. Now they are once again together ’till death do us part’, and i guess that’s forever.

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