Each life affects another.

What is it that keeps us going? When life batters you, blindsides you, and leaves you bruised and confused. What stops a person just closing the curtains, locking the doors, and curling up in a ball? I have been asking myself this during the past week. A week that saw one family say “Goodbye” to … More Each life affects another.

One more sleep!

Can you remember being a child, on Christmas Eve? The excitement, the anticipation? The day seemed endless, and the thought of tomorrow, and all it would bring, made it impossible, to sit still, eat or think clearly. Well today is such a day for me. Tomorrow, after an absence of almost three months, my eldest … More One more sleep!

How lucky am I?

Do you ever begin to write a post, and another thought takes over? No matter how hard you try, to continue, you have to abandon what you are writing, and listen to your inner voice. Well today on two occasions, I began to write, only to be hijacked by this inner voice. I wanted to … More How lucky am I?

I Am Free.

This morning my son stood before me, towering above me, and just for a moment I saw him as others do. A tall, sallow, boy of eighteen, almost a man, with a mop of brown hair and a huge smile. I rarely see this boy. When I look at him I see a happy, smiling … More I Am Free.