Those of you who follow me regularly,
will know what that means.
I made it to the final five,
in the Best Personal Blog category,
in the Irish Blog Awards.small__9366755164

What can I say?
How can I write when I am speechless?

All of you,
who have taken the time,
to read and comment on my many posts,
have a share in this achievement.

I began this blog on a whim,
as a wannabe writer.
A chancer who had no degree,
no experience,
no idea what she was doing.
I thought up the name in a moment,
never realising how much I would come to love it.

All I really knew that day,
was I wanted to write.
I needed to write.

And what a joy it has been.
Being able to write,
“My thoughts on a page”,
every day.
Sharing them with all of you.
And always feeling your support.

When I begged asked for a nomination,
for the Irish Blog Awards,
it was also on a whim.
I did hope I’d get to know some Irish bloggers,
although the motley crew,
of international bloggers,
I have come to know,
are a pretty good bunch if you ask me.

In the past few weeks,
many of you knew the inner trials I faced,
as my young warrior friend,
underwent treatment for leukemia,
and a bone marrow transplant in Dublin,
a long way from home.
Many days I found it difficult to write,
with my heart and soul so far away.

However the support I have felt,
on all those days,
has meant the world to me.
And on occasions,
even more than that!

Best Personal Blog Finalist.blog_awards_2013_badge_finalistsm
What a thrill.

There are some who would say,
“God loves a chancer”
or others perhaps less kindly may say,
“The devil looks after his own”.
I am not sure which camp I owe my thanks to,
but what I do know,
is that I owe a huge debt of gratitude to you.
Each and every one of you.

You who have read and commented.
You who have encouraged me behind the scenes.
People I have never met,
and who most likely I never will.
People who are technically strangers.
Who have with their words,
encouraged me greatly,
comforted me when I was low,
and helped me believe,
that there are people out there,
who enjoy what I write,
and how I write.

At this point,
I have one final Thank you.
It is to those of you who took the time,
to nominate this chancer.
I cannot tell you,
how much I appreciate your kindness.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I would like to say more,
but tonight for a change,
words fail me!

Go raibh mile maith agaibh.

photo credit: Lotus Carroll via photopin cc

38 thoughts on “Finalist!

        1. I think I’ll go with the whiskey. Announcement Oct 12th. I do not anticipate winning as the others seem very polished but I am so stunned to get this far after just eight months.

  1. Hooray! I’m happy for you! I wouldn’t have nominated you after you begged people to do so, if I thought your blog was total garbage. It’s not total garbage at all! It’s quite beautiful what you have to say most of the time, and I’m glad to have found you. You’re my favorite Corker via Dubliner.

  2. Well done Tric, remember that you have the gift to put things in words that many of us don’t have. Your blogs are very touching and very down to earth. congrats on your nomination and good luck. May

    1. Yes Lucia Maya, you are one of those I wanted to thank. You are never far away, and with all your own sadness and trials you still were there for me. Thank you!

  3. congrats, tric, in making it into the top five – though it’s only what I, and those who follow your blog, expected – for you have the gift of the gab (doesn’t every women? πŸ˜† ), of being able to put into words the thoughts that we too feel but are not articulate enough to express

    it is good to see the quality of your posts is recognised too by the judges of this competition

    [An rud a nithear gu math, chithear a bhuil]

    that you have reached the last 5 gives me the perfect excuse to pour myself a dram πŸ˜†

    P.S. you should start planning now a simultaneous, global celebratory drink involving all your followers when you are announced the winner of this award !

    1. I think a global dram is a great call. To be honest Duncan, I am a bit overwhelmed. I am only writing eight months and still feel very much like a beginner. I know you and others enjoy my words but I am not an English major or anything close. This is a big gathering of a lot of people like yourself who are blogging a long time, as well as some like myself. It’s a bit daunting. And I think I will be driving so no tongue loosening tipple for me!

  4. Congratulations from your fan in Massachusetts.

    I am really proud that I am associated with one of the finalists in Ireland. I am pretty sure that one day you will cross the boundary of Ireland, and become the finalist for Global Blogger Award. And I believe that you deserve it. Go raibh mile maith agaibh.

    1. Thank you. For now I am more than happy to be noticed here at home! Delighted actually. This post was for you as you have travelled this road with me from my early days. Thanks Deo

      1. Thanks a mil, tric. It’s been a great pleasure travelling the road with someone as wonderful as you. Blogging became more enjoyable for me, because of the great support that you gave me throughout, and I shall always remember it and be grateful. Have a great day!

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