When words are not enough

Those who follow this blog,
know that all is not well in my world.
A young boy, childhood Leukemia,
and a bone marrow transplant,
have consumed me.
We celebrated cancers defeat,
but my young friend,
is now battling a very rare infection.photo credit: stars alive via photopin cc

It is now I see,
the very fine line,
we walk each and every day.
No one knows their future.
There are no guarantees in life.

Last night I fretted.
I worried about meeting my friend, his mom.
What do you say to someone,
who is living her nightmare?
How do you speak of the unspeakable?

All I wished to do,
was to meet my friend,
and hug her.
A hug I hoped would say,
all that I could not.

Yesterday I traveled “home”,
to the place of my childhood.
To the house where my mum still lives.
As I entered feeling sad and troubled,
I met my mum as she opened the door to me.

In that moment,
I did not feel like a mother of four,photo credit: searching4jphotography via photopin cc
but as a child coming home to her mum.
Even though she is smaller and older,
I felt the hug of my mum.
It said, “welcome home”,
and “I am here for you”.
It was a hug which gave me strength.

Last night as I thought of this post,
I was mindful of the day that lay ahead.
However I had returned to the place of my childhood,
and I felt relaxed,
and strengthened.
Determined to be able to give to my friend,
The hug my mum had given me.

And thankfully today was wonderful.

We chatted like we always do,
Yet sadly also shared,
Thoughts and worries,
No friends should ever have to share.
But best of all we hugged.
Hugs of friendship,sorrow,and despair,
But mostly,
Hugs of comfort and strength.

Hugs that can sometimes say,
All that words cannot

30 thoughts on “When words are not enough

  1. Glad you had a great day, mum! Out of respect, I shan’t make any barbs at the expense of Dublin or about two women hugging each other, like giggity or whatever. Hope all is well with your friend!!

    1. Thanks. I am sure she does, as everyone in the community where we live is thinking of them. I am struggling for words also. Yet as always I say, he is still fighting!

        1. And they are very much appreciated. We take it hour by hour and day by day. Yesterday was an okay day. We’ll happily take “okay”
          Thank you. I will tell his parents how much prayer and thoughts are going their way.

  2. I have been through this exact same scenario with my friend in the past year. I wish you, and most especially the little warrior, a better outcome than we had ,and a time of true healing. I send love and prayers and hope to all of you!

    1. Thank you. Here’s hoping. He is up against it but maybe.
      I am so sorry about your friend. Your love and prayers will be much appreciated by my friend.

  3. A hug is by far the best way of communicating – sometimes the right combination of words just doesn’t exist for some communication needs. I will be seeing my parents today for the first time in a year and a half, and the very hugs you describe so well are going to happen here. Hugs.

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