A Christmas miracle or wonderful coincidence?

Christmas Eve is such a wonderful day when you have children. It is full of anticipation and excitement thinking of the special visitor who will be calling later. From early morning my youngest had acted like the town crier, “One more day”, was her mantra. All the presents were wrapped and under the tree. Much feeling … More A Christmas miracle or wonderful coincidence?

Life after Death.

Last Monday my youngest who has dyslexia came home from school and as usual sat down to begin her homework. “Mum, don’t forget to sign my tests”, she says. “No problem darling”, I say, “how did you get on?”. “Well Mom, I think it was an all time low”, she replies, in a tone which … More Life after Death.

His name was Daniel

He came third in his family, but always aimed for first in life. Soccer, football, hurling, basketball, golf, all played with passion. All his efforts came from a desire to be the best. He loved to win. On this blog you have known him as, “my friends young boy”, “my young friend”, and affectionately as … More His name was Daniel

How happy are you?

I read a lot of blogs and it is clear to see that there are many bloggers, who wake up every day with a fog of darkness around them. It is difficult to understand their plight when you are not standing in their shoes. Today, I have no darkness around me. The weather reflects my mood, sunny and bright. … More How happy are you?

Words Unspoken

As I write tonight it is with great sadness. My young warrior friend is seriously ill. Words fail me to adequately say what I feel. I wasn’t going to post, but now on a whim I would like to. I have over the past months kept all my posts, which featured my little friend, together … More Words Unspoken