Another step back, another setback.

Sometimes I write to entertain.
Sometimes I write to share.
Often I write because I must,
but today I write to forget.small__291488094

As I viciously thump the keys,
I do so with anger.
“Get these thoughts away.
I need to think of something else”.

But as I thump, I realize,
the harder I try to forget,
the more it hurts.
Really hurts.

As the words blur onscreen,
with the overflow of tears,
I decide it’s no good.
I cannot write and forget,
I can only sit here and remember.

Remember what happiness today should have brought.
The wonderful plans that were hatched,
earlier in the week,
When skies had become bluer,
and we even dared speak of a future.

How cruel life can be.
How suddenly all can change,
and how helpless we all become,
as once more we sit and we wait.

As I type to forget,
I fail.
And so I will stop,photo credit: topher76 via photopin cc
Sit here,
and mourn and remember.

Your kind thoughts and prayers worked before,
Maybe just maybe?
I can do nothing else but ask.
Maybe just maybe?

photo credit: Unhindered by Talent via photopin cc
photo credit: topher76 via photopin cc

36 thoughts on “Another step back, another setback.

    1. Thanks a mil Duncan. As you can tell it’s a very difficult day. All very sudden. All I know is the last time a few weeks ago his return to health of sorts was nothing short of miraculous, whatever caused it, so asking for universal help again can surely do no harm.Thoughts are great too!

  1. Tric I am so very sorry for him and those who love him. I literally had chills running down my back as I read this. I send comfort and strengthening thoughts your way for him. My heart aches for him. You words were like daggers.

    1. Thank you. I am barely able to contain my anger which is at least keeping tears at bay. We cannot believe it. Still we hope and it is good to be able to hope. Thanks for your kind thoughts and support as always.

  2. Sending prayers across the ocean, my heart is filled with sadness as your dear friend and his family are going through this difficult time. Praying for another miracle and that this set back is not as major as it seems in this moment.

    1. What a lovely comment and just what I needed to hear. Thank you. That is indeed what I want to believe. Thank you also for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

  3. Sending prayers and Reiki for healing, and love to this young man far across the ocean, and especially to his parents and siblings – I can imagine what they are going through and know too well that terrible roller coaster of hope and despair… Please keep us updated. Love, Lucia

    1. Yes it’s the roller coaster which is so difficult to ride. Sadly today he is very sick. We can only wait and see. Your support as always is much appreciated.

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