What’s your story #2…Kat and Carl.

Today we have story number 2 in my ‘Tell me your story”  collection. It’s the story of Kat and Carl. A story that reminds us all that life is short, but love is forever. Thank you Kat I know it was not easy to share this story with us. Kat blogs at redsoxlady35 Kat and … More What’s your story #2…Kat and Carl.

When a heart grieves, time moves to a different beat.

‘   Today I was driving home, with some shopping in the car, when without conscious thought I found myself driving in the opposite direction. The sun, which had been rare all morning, was shining, and the village looked at it’s best. I knew where I was going. I needed to call up to Daniel. … More When a heart grieves, time moves to a different beat.

Where do you go?

A group of friends gather together and enjoy conversation, and craic, Catching up on happenings, we chat and laugh out loud. It is one of those nights, Summer holidays are upon us, and the relaxed atmosphere is evident. Then mid laugh, with happiness in my heart you catch my eye. I see you smile. As … More Where do you go?