Biting the bullet

I’ve debated whether I’ll post this or not. Even as I write I’m still not sure, but if you’re reading it you’ll know the answer. Next month is November, known within writing circles as, NaNoWriMo month. A few years ago I’d have read that and thought the dog walked across the keys of the laptop, but now I know it means ‘National Novel Writing Month.’

So deep breaths… I think I’m going to try it.

There I’ve said it and published my intention so I must go through with it. (Maybe). I also posted it on twitter the other day, as next to no one reads my tweets, but wouldn’t you know some vindictive tweeters jumped on it (you know who you are), saying they’ve read my intentions so I must go through with it!

Not wanting to sound like a failure before I begin, I must tell you I have no intention of writing a novel in a month, but I have decided to make a reasonable start. Those who are serious about NaNoWriMO aim for 50,000 words, (can you imagine it?) but I’m realistic and accept that is never going to happen. I’d be over the moon if I manage 30, credit: karlhols <a href="">Computer Keyboard Typing/Programming in Action</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

What will I write about? Well I’ve a story in my head for a long time. It features a good old Dublin family, tragedy, family feuding, heart break, sadness and loyalty. I’ve got to know the main characters in great detail over the past year, as they have accompanied me on numerous long journeys and I’ve been privy to many of their conversations and ongoing dramas. In a way I’m almost afraid to put them on paper, for fear I don’t do them justice or bring them to life as I’d wish. However I’d like to try.

So I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll get done in November. In theory, what with my weekly column, my swim coaching,  this commitment and the nuisance that is my family wanting feeding and care, I should not be on social media or wordpress at all. But I’m weak. I love blogging and interacting here and online, so if I’m honest, living without that will probably be harder than writing, but I’ll do my best.

Now that’s me in, is anyone else going to take part? Anyone need the push? Well consider this your sign. We can succeed or fail together, but for better or worse, at least we’ll have tried.

photo credit: karlhols Computer Keyboard Typing/Programming in Action via photopin (license)
photo credit: ulianne [286/365] preparing for Nanowrimo via photopin (license)

43 thoughts on “Biting the bullet

  1. Best of luck with it, Tric! I’d have a go myself but since I know what I’m like for procrastinating, I’d have to knock off the last bit (just the final few words – say 50,000 or so) before bedtime on the last night, and I think I’d be far too tired for work the morning after. So for the sake of my job I’ll have to decline. 😉

    1. It might be a very short process. I’m still half sorry I committed, but I keep thinking that if I could do it it would be a real start and I need the push.

      1. Excellent! Just go to NaNo, and search for my NaNo ID, which is Amnhmama. (Yes, I know…back in the dark ages when I first joined NaNo I thought using my kids’ initials was clever. Don’t judge me…I was young and innocent. Well—younger anyway.) Good luck with NaNo. I hope you have a lot of fun with it.

  2. go for it my dear I am happy for you I wish I was brave enough to do it but I don’t know the first thing about it. I do have a story in my head it has been there for over 30 years about murder at a lighthouse and how it was made to look like a accident…and it is found out in our present time that it was murder I have the story started so I have about 10,000 words or more already but I just don’t know what to do with it. Good luck my dear just keep us posted about how it’s going. ❤ ❤ ❤ Kat

    1. Thanks Kathern. I will do although there may not be much to tell!
      Your story sounds interesting and 10,000 words is a great start. Maybe by next year you’ll know more and may get to write more of it?

  3. Wonderful and enjoy the push. I did it for the last time last year and it is a huge commitment. I decided to forgo it this year. But it’s not like you get arrested or pay a fine if you don’t make your goal, and it does encourage you to prioritize your writing. So dive in and have fun. Happy Writing :-).

  4. Oh my goodness, great minds think alike, I signed up for it too this year for the first time. I have not got a clue what I am going to write, but I figure why not, I am going to give it a good try and even if I don’t finish I will have accomplished something different and new.

  5. Now I am not a story writer but I like the idea of putting oneself to a task however I wonder how supportive my family would be. Good luck and well done for even contemplating this.

  6. Yay, go you, Tric! I did a few thousand in it last year, it got me started, though the kids must have heard about it because they all got sick and that was the end of it. Nearly a year later and I’m nearly there so it definitely did something! Best of best of luck and do keep us posted and feel free to rant and post for the good and the bad, we’re all behind you:)

  7. Ah, Tric, I’m in it with you! We can do it! I did it a few years ago, while teaching full time, and managed the full 50,000 words. The thing is, my “novel” was a raggedy mess that will never make a book. Still it was therapy for me, and I got that “story” out. This year I aim to put down 50,000 good solid words, and then flesh it out into a real story. I’ll see you out there!!!

  8. Good attitude. This is the first year I think I might be able to achieve 50,000 words. I’ve simply had too many other obligations in previous years. But, like you, I took the time to tap into the spirit of the thing and push myself to write every day, at least. It makes a difference. Write on!

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