Remembering my first true love.

Here is a Valentines day post I first wrote three years ago remembering fondly the man who taught me what love meant… For you Dad.xx

This morning I woke and as usual I paid very little attention to Valentines Day. However within minutes of getting up I was embarrassed into remembering it’s not just about me, as yer man arrived in with a bunch of roses. I was pathetically delighted.

He wasn’t finished there. He produced three more small bunches and delivered them to our three girls. It brought me back to the first year he discovered he was going to be a Dad. That Valentines day he gave me a single rose, and one for his unborn baby. Every year photo credit: <a href="">Peter Werkman (</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>since then he has given them something small. When they were younger, he would give them cards and “post” them in the door. They were always so charmed and fully believed somebody they didn’t know had sent them. On a few occasions they even assured us they knew which local boy it was.

Today as I watched them receive their Valentines gift, I thought how they have come to take it for granted. It made me sad as I though they have no idea how lucky they are.

What I wouldn’t give to receive a gift from my Dad.

I remember how, as a teenager, my Dad would on occasions bring me freesias and put them in my bedroom. When he became ill, my mum small_7733731118would buy them on his behalf. Going to bed at night the air would be filled with their fragrance, a smell which will forever be associated with my Dad. Today I still love freesia, and they bring back some very happy memories, even if at times those memories bring tears.

This St Valentines Day I am lucky to be able to spend it with someone I love dearly. However there is a part of me which he will have to share, the part which will always be held for my first true love…my Dad.

So Happy Valentines Day Dad. Love you always. xxxxxxxxx

photo credit: topsynette via photopin cc
photo credit: Peter Werkman ( via photopin cc

17 thoughts on “Remembering my first true love.

  1. I know from your other posts that your dad was a huge influence on you as you grew up, Tric. I’m touched but not surprised that you still find him popping into your thoughts on all sorts of different occasions.

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