If we shared a coffee it would be here.

Buy your plane tickets now. This is Cork, the city where I live.

If you were ever to visit me I would take you here. The Pavillion Cafe is not far from where I live and close to where I go with Daniels mom on our many walks. Definitely my favourite cafe and garden centre and a place I have probably spent too many hours, with great friends. I was so surprised to see this add on youtube earlier and thought you would all enjoy it.

****** I wasn’t paid to say any of this or to post this. It is just a place I love, and a clever video of Cork I thought you would enjoy.

15 thoughts on “If we shared a coffee it would be here.

        1. It is very common over here. If you went somewhere there was very few people you would say that, or if the day was bad you would say ‘there wasn’t a sinner out’. I’ve never put ‘kind’ in front of it though. Maybe we’re not that generous.

      1. Oh I want to learn Irish talk. πŸ™‚ Or just listen to it. πŸ™‚

        Deal, walk first. But I get to listen to you talk first. I never get tired of that lovely Irish sound.

  1. It was so nice taking a tour through your city. Thank you. How fun it would be to take a tour through the town of each blogger. What a great way to better connect with them. The cafe looks so cozy and the coffee looks delicious.

  2. Thank you for sharing this today. I was sitting her day dreaming when I’m supposed to be working. And I browse my reader and find this delightful video. My Great Grandma was born in Cork and has always been my dream to go there and walk in her footsteps of her youth. 😊

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