Age does not always equal wisdom

I wonder sometimes if in fact we begin life perfect, and over time we lose a lot of what is good within us? I have just returned from a busy day at a swim gala with over twenty young swimmers aged eight to twelve. I am exhausted from talking and cheering and tired due to … More Age does not always equal wisdom

The will to win.

Tonight I am sitting down falling asleep  relaxing, watching television. The U.S Masters Golf is on. When I lived in Australia in my early twenties my husband tried to interest me in Golf. I played, as the weather was so beautiful, but you could say I hadn’t really the temperment for it. My now husband still … More The will to win.

Shamelessly seeking nomination for Irish blog award.

  I was wondering if any of my fellow bloggers would consider nominating me for one of these awards. I am not expecting to win it but it would be nice if I could make contact with some of my own countrymen and get my blog and writing out there. The details are here. If … More Shamelessly seeking nomination for Irish blog award.

You learn so much about your child when you watch them compete.

Take you marks, Go! It is amazing to note, how differently those words effect different children. Today I was at a swim competition, one of the coaches to over thirty swimmers, most aged between eight and eleven. Many competing for the first time. For some the whole day was magic. Their eyes were shining, their … More You learn so much about your child when you watch them compete.

Big mistake!

Last week I went to a club swimming competition. It was there I made my big mistake! It was a fun event, with the over nineteen masters section, and teenagers entered. I arrived there to show support, to the teens I teach, and also to enjoy a bit of fun. As I watched everyone compete, … More Big mistake!

No Excuses!

One of my very closest friends, got the devastating news at Christmas, that her son aged twelve had leukemia. We have all taken time to adjust, but life continues in any family, especially when you have children, as I think this post clearly demonstrates. Within her own home she has four children, Last night they … More No Excuses!