Where is your sense of humor?

Tonight I am a million miles away from my blog.
I am of course at home,
but my heart is in intensive care in Dublin.
My warrior of a young fighter is still fighting,
but he has had a very difficult few days.

However despite being miserable,
I do not wish to be.
So tonight I am reposting a happy post,
in order to spare you all from misery!
I hope you enjoy,
and for the three who read it before,
I apologize.


What is it that makes me choose the category Β ‘Humor’ before any other?
Why can I not take life seriously?
Why do I want to reduce every situation to one I can laugh at?
Is there something wrong with me?

The more blogs I read the more I question my sanity.
So many are so serious.
Sometimes I have to bite my tongue,
(in my case, take my fingers off the keyboard!)
When I read about parenting discipline issues etc,
I am so tempted to comment,Β small__3288730203
“Or you can just slap them!”.
I hasten to add I have never slapped a child in my life,
its just my humor!
I know, its sick.
Its definitely not ‘normal’.

Do you ever see someone come towards you, and you cringe?
They suck all the joy out of a room.
This is a typical conversation you would have with this person.
“Hello, Isn’t it a beautiful day”,
They reply, “There’s a lot of rain forecast for later”.

I was recently at a gathering.
Among those gathered was an elderly man.
And what a misery he was.
Eventually one of the crowd turned to him in exasperation and said,
“Is there no funeral you could go to?”.
I thought that was hilarious..

I do love so many things in life that are of a serious nature,
poetry, philosophy, psychology,
but my heart lies in childish humor.

My family have all inherited this quirky view of life.
They are very quick witted and irreverent.

My sisters and brothers are such fun to be around.
They are so very quick witted.
Sometimes however we have a humor,
which only my own family appreciates.

One night we were celebrating one of my brothers big birthdays.
We were at quite a fancy restaurant in Dublin.
We got into a sing off, (as you do),
between our family (about 14 gathered)
and another family we did not even know.
They were super singers.
Each one better than the other.

We on the other hand,
were a bit challenged but loaded with drink!
My family eventually insisted I sing.
I tried to protest but it was easier to give in.
I refused to stand so I sang from my seat.

During my song I could hear one member of the other family heckle,
“Shes not standing up”, “Get up!”.
My sister jumped up and shouted over,
“Don’t be so rude, shes in a wheelchair!”.
I hasten to add I have no disability of any sort!.
Even my mother laughed at this thinking it was funny.

My mothers humor, I have already documented in a previous blog.

Each family member has great wit,
We actually compete to be funny.

Its not that we haven’t had our fair share of misery in our lives.
My dad got motor neurone disease in his forties and died in his early fifties.
Even during that awful experience, we survived as a family laughing, my dad included.

In fact days before he died a neighbour called,
and asked him how he was feeling.
My dad was paralyzed and his speech was almost gone,
but we could understand him.
His answer was “There’s healthier men in the graveyard!”.
Then he cracked up laughing.

I personally have had a very challenging life.
However I still love to be happy.
I love to laugh.
I love to hear others laugh.
Maybe it’s because life has been so difficult that I love to smile.
Whatever the reason,
if I had to bow out in the morning,
I’d rather go laughing or making someone else laugh.

We were at a funeral of our friends sister recently.
She died young,
and left a special note to be read to her husband,
at the dinner after the funeral.
It expressed her love to him,
and then they played the song she chose,
“I will always love you”.
We were all very overcome.

I told my friends I too would do that.
They were incredulous.small__2399386867
“Yes I said I would.

This is how I would see it unfolding.
I would make sure everyone would be listening.
When the room would hush,
and become silent with anticipation,
My husband would press play.
A rousing chorus of Monty Pythons,
“always look on the bright side of life” would blast out.

Everyone would then hopefully laugh heartily.
Mission accomplished!
My sick humor would last to the bitter end!

photo credit: jimbowen0306 via photopin cc

photo credit: chimothy27 via photopin cc

38 thoughts on “Where is your sense of humor?

  1. When there are things you cannot change in your life, you still have the choice of how you look at them. That was great! Keep on smiling and laughing. πŸ˜€
    On a serious note, I will pray for the little warrior. ((hug))

    1. Yes I agree. It is just a bit difficult tonight although I do manage it usually.
      Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your hugs and prayers, much needed and appreciated.

  2. Laughter is the best medicine. We have quite a special sense of humour in my family as well and my husband fits right in with us! Emily got it too. It makes for fun time!
    Thinking of you and your little warrior! Hugs!

    1. My husbands family are very different to mine. Five accountants… say no more!
      I think Emilys sense of humor shows in your blog.
      Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and those hugs are really appreciated tonight.

  3. We have to try and smile through the rain because if we cry, we just end up even more wet. At my father’s funeral, the music played as we left the chapel was a cheery, little jazz number – completely inappropriate – just like in The Singing Detective, if you’ve ever seen that. It was so wrong, but also so ridiculously right, and brought a smile to everyone’s face.

    My thoughts are with you.

    1. Thanks a million for your kind thoughts. I am delighted to read you are doing so well.
      I love the idea of playing that at such a somber moment. It is brilliant. Sounds like he would have fitted right in with my family.

    1. Thank you, thank you. Your thoughts and reading are appreciated. It is nice though to post something happy as just tonight I was not in the right mood to post. I am sorry I have not called over in awhile. I hope you are keeping okay.

  4. Tric, my prayers are still with you. On a lighter note…I’m 4’10” and have already written in my will that at my funeral, I wish to have played “Short People” by Randy Newman. No morbid grief, just a celebration of the life I lived. πŸ˜‰

        1. Fair enough! If we ever get back I’ll let you know we’re heading over!!!!! No worries, there will probably only be about 15 of us.

          πŸ˜‰ I’m kidding!!!!! Ten, tops.

    1. You might understand our humor so. I love to laugh although what is happening in my friends life goes way past laughing. So sad. However tonight I was desperate to leave sadness off my blog. πŸ™‚

  5. This was wonderful and I love your sense of humor!
    Also, I continue to keep your young friend in my prayers, along with his family and you. Please know you are all in my heart…
    blessings, Lucia

  6. laughter is the best weapon to combat fear

    if you can laugh at your troubles you are well on your way to beating them

    P.S. folk don’t always ‘get’ my sense of humour. Scots have a habit of saying things ‘tongues firmly in cheek’ with a perfectly straight face. Trouble is, away from Scotland, folk often don’t realise when I’m joking/pulling their leg. I’ve got into all sorts of bother because of this ! πŸ™„

    1. I get away with murder because of the way I use humor in my speaking. Most people do not take offence but if someone else said what I did they would freak.
      I too am very tongue in cheek, and in Ireland that causes no trouble, but on the web sometimes it is definitely lost in translation.

  7. Indeed, humour is the best way of dealing with the challenges in life. Laugh heartily and easily, and everything seems brighter.
    I hope your little friend gets better soon.

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