The will to win.

Tonight I am sitting down falling asleep  relaxing, watching television. The U.S Masters Golf is on. When I lived in Australia in my early twenties my husband tried to interest me in Golf. I played, as the weather was so beautiful, but you could say I hadn’t really the temperment for it. My now husband still doesn’t curse, so you can imagine my shouting “Ah for fecks sake” and “Jesus I hate this stupid game” while hammering the beautifully manicured fairway with my club, did not go down very well.

When we left Oz I had no desire whatsoever to continue playing once back home here in Ireland. Instead I went back to swimming, and competing with Masters (over 25) was enough to satisfy my competitive spirit. And then it happened. My friends took up golf and badgered me asked me would I come for lessons too. Initially I laughed and left them in no doubt that I would not be joining them as I despised that poxy game. However never say never and eventually I succumbed.

Now eight years later I’m still golfing and really enjoying it. However I have noticed that I am not as viciously competitive as I photo credit: <a href="">Leo Reynolds</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>was. Don’t get me wrong I do love to win, but I tend to just enjoy myself now rather than want to win at all costs. Perhaps it’s my age, or the fact that life has given me a good sense of perspective. Sometimes when I look back I am a little nostalgic. I had some fantastic races in the pool and the thrill of winning I still haven’t forgotten. I miss that feeling and I also miss that love of competition.

However as I sit here half asleep watching the golf, (and waking intermittently to drink my wine,) there is something playing on my mind. Tomorrow I am in a golf competition. I am on a team and between now and tomorrow I must once again try to reignite my competitive spirit. Tomorrow it will not just be about me, but my team….. Gulp….stupid, poxy game….

I think I need another glass of wine!

******** I wrote this last night. The good news is I found my competitive spirit. I began to play and within minutes I wanted to win. It took over four hours but in the end I did win on the 22nd hole! I’m not sure which I’m happier about, playing well or rediscovering my will to win.

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

11 thoughts on “The will to win.

  1. I never could get in to tennis. And I do try to tell my self I am not competitive…. then I sit on a bike and can’t just leisurely pedal. I must ride like hell to make sure NO one on the trail passes me. 😉

    1. My husband is a bit like that, or decides he will stay sitting on the saddle regardless of the incline! I suppose there is a competitive streak in most of us.

  2. 22 holes? WTF? Golf is infuriating and stupid, but I miss playing it a little bit. Do they have vivacious cart girls on the courses in Ireland selling cold beers? That’s my favorite part.

    1. It is obvious you have never been to Ireland, not a “vivacious” girl in sight! It is a poxy, stupid, annoying game, but today it was brilliant

    1. I was the only one in my family who went on to compete in sport even though I think some of them had a competitive nature. To each their own I think.

  3. hahahaha – this is a hilarious post, tric, especially the first paragraph. glad you discovered your hidden competitive gene by accident. ps – bubba, just won the masters for his second time )

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